Electronic Resources

This listing is just a small selection of the many on-line sources to contemporary art available on the Web. Museum sites usually have a selection of their collection on line.

  • Anima: http://www.anima.wis.net/

The Arts Network for Integrated Media Applications has excellent sites relating to contemporary art. Nexus has artist's projects online. Techne leads you to experimental programs, tools and applications for research in information technology and design.

  • Artscope: http://www.artscope.com

A good site for contemporary art images. Artscope is divided into sections including galleries, artists and shows. It also has links to mostly New York galleries such as Max Protech, PaceWildensein and Nancy Hoffman.

  • artstream: http:www.airstream.com

British contemporary art, craft, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and photography.

  • Fluxus Online: http://www.panix.com/~fluxux/

This site has been organized by Nam June Paik and Paul Garrin.

  • Kultur/Culture: http://www.socwork.gu.se/text/Links/Kultur.html

A Virtual Museum for Computer Art: http://www.unb.br/vis/museum/musingl.htm

  • World Wide Arts Resources: http://www.concourse.com

With over 7000 resources this is one of the most comprehensive sites on the Web.

WWW Virtual Library: Museums- Art Galleries: http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/

  • archive/museums/galleries.html

This page includes an eclectic collection of World Wide Web services connected with art galleries and archives as part of the WWW Virtual Library Museums page.