Searching for Books

ROGER is the UCSD on-line catalog. Use ROGER to find materials located at the UCSD campus. ROGER lists books, periodicals and non-print materials and indicates whether the material is available. MELVYL" is the on-line catalog for all UC campuses. MELVYL lists books, periodicals and non-print materials as well as indexes for articles in databases such as Mags, News, Current Contents, Art (Art Index) etc. Using MELVYL you can connect to other on-line catalogs and library systems.

Subject headings

The Subject headings used in the on-line catalogs are taken from the Library of Congress Subject Headings list (LCSH), a four-volume set of red books located near the AAL Information and Service Desk.

Representative subject headings for this subject are:

Art, Modern--20th Century Happening (Art)
Minimal art Fluxus
Video art Artists' books
Serial art Installations
Mail art Performance art
Computer art Body art
Conceptual Art Earthworks (Art)

For additional subject headings, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

A complete list of art movements are shown as "see also" under Art, Modern- 20th century.

Search for information on artists in several ways:

ROGER (UCSD only) MELVYL all UC's, plus Stanford and CA State Library)

by author Abramovic, Marina fi pa Abramovic, Marina

(books by artists)

by words Abramovic Marina fi tw Marina Abramovic

in title or or

Marina Abramovic Abramovic Marina

by subject Abramovic, Marina fi su Abramovic, Marina

(books about artists)

Search for information on specific artists by doing a subject search. Some examples of subject headings are:

Ethnic art - United States Art, Jewish
Indians of North America, Art Mexican American Art
Afro-American Artists Art, British

MELVYL databases: for current events, exhibits, new artists

MAGS: 2,105,478 magazines and scholarly Abstracts available for many

journal citations articles.

NEWS: Five major U.S. newspapers 2,447,542 citations from 1982 to present available.

CC: 6,500 scholarly journals Over 5 million citations from 1989 to present.

ART: 200 international arts publications Over 279,000 citations