Limit Searches

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You'll find a menu of limit options including:

Material Type (Use when in complete Roger catalog) - Limits search by material type. For FVL limit by - AUDIO-VISUAL. By choosing Film & Video Library on Roger's main menu, you have automatically limited by material type.

Language - E.g., SUBJECT - Feature films, LIMIT by LANGUAGE - Italian. Your hits are Italian language films (which will be most, but not all Italian films. This is true for all language limits). For material that might be missed try SUBJECT - Feature film -- Italy, or Motion Picture -- Italy.

Subject - E.g., SUBJECT - Motion pictures, German or Feature films -- Germany. LIMIT by SUBJECT - silent. Your hits are German silent films.

Year - E.g., SUBJECT - Feature films, LIMIT by YEAR <1930 - 1940>. Your hits are feature films from the 1930's.

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