Getting Started Using ARTstor

For initial ARTstor training and information on using ARTstor in the classroom contact Vickie O'Riordan.

For registration and proxy questions contact Reid Otsuji.

The ARTstor Digital Library is comprised of over 500,000 digital images and their corresponding data; the tools to make active use of those images; and an online environment intended to balance the interests of users with those of content providers. With ARTstor, you will be able to search for images online, save groups of images for your own use and student use, and create digital image presentations.

Before you begin using ARTstor:

  • Make sure Java is enabled and installed (see Technical Requirements below)
  • Make sure the Flash Player is installed (see Technical Requirements below)
  • Manually configure the UCSD proxy (see Remote Access and ARTstor below)
  • Disable all Pop-up Blocking software including browser toolbars and system pop-up blockers
  • Mac OS X users must have all current Software Updates
  • Recommended Browser for Mac OS X and Windows PC: Internet Explorer

ARTstor "Quick Help"

Artstor On-Line Help (Full Manual)

Technical Requirements for ARTstor

Remote Access and ARTstor

Permitted Uses of ARTstor

Media Center Equipment Costs and Information

Wired classrooms at UCSD

ARTstor Guides and Tutorials