Student Guide to Accessing Shared (Class Reserve) Folders

To access your class reserves course (shared) folder through the ARTstor Digital Library, you will need to be registered and logged on to ARTstor. If you have any problems or questions contact Vickie O'Riordan ( / 858-833-0208) or Reid Otsuji ( / 858-822-4557).

Step 1: Register with ARTstor

Note: You must register for ARTstor on campus. After the initial registration you may use ARTstor anywhere as long as you have UCSD proxy access.

  1. To register for an ARTstor account, you will first need to enter the ARTstor Digital Library. To do this, point your web browser to and click on the 'not registered' link located in the upper right corner of the page. This will open a registration form. Note: If you have any pop-up blocking software installed on your Internet browser, it must be disabled for you to complete the registration process.
  2. Enter your email address. This must be a valid email address from which you can send and receive email. Enter your email address a second time to confirm.
  3. Choose a password that is at least seven characters long. Enter the password a second time to confirm.
  4. Click on the "Register" button. Once you do this, you will automatically be logged on to your ARTstor account. In addition to all usual search and browse functions within the ARTstor Digital Library, you can now create Image Groups and attach Personal Notes and comments to images.

Note: Once you are logged on, you will notice that the Welcome Message no longer reads, but will greet you with your email address. If you are ever unsure whether or not you have logged into ARTstor, check the Welcome Message in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Step 2: Register for access to your class "Shared Folder"

  1. Obtain the shared folder password from your Professor (or Teaching Assistant). Note: This is not your UCSD proxy or ARTstor password but a password created by your professor to enable you to see the class shared folder.
  2. Once you have logged on to ARTstor, go to "Unlock password protected folder" in the Find menu.
  3. Enter your personal information and class password.
  4. A confirmation message will appear, informing you that you have successfully registered to the shared folder, as well as what type of access you have been granted. After you click "OK" in the confirmation message, you should see that Shared Folder listed in the "Folders and Image Groups" link on ARTstor's main page.

Once you have accessed the class shared folder you may zoom, export, and print images. You may also print image groups for "flash card" type study purposes.

To do this, open the Image Group that you want to print and then select the "Print image group" option from the "Share" toolbar menu. You can choose to print all of the data associated with the images, in which case, select the "Full record" option. In order to view brief data information - which will include the Creator, Title, along with any Instructors' comments - choose the "Brief record" options.

This will launch a print-ready browser window that contains a header with the title of your Image Group, followed by thumbnails of the images accompanied by their full (or brief) data records. Click the Print icon at the top of the window (or select the "Print" option from the "File" toolbar menu) to print out your Image Group.

To exit ARTstor click the 'Log out' button at the top of the screen, then the 'Exit' button to return to your browser.

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