Film Streaming Reserves Policy

In support of media reserves the Arts Library offers the option of online film streaming. This is just one option along with traditional, library-based Film Reserves. Here are some guidelines for Digital Film Reserves:

  1. Streaming is an option in support of UCSD course reserves when:
    1. The enrolled number of students exceeds 50.
    2. The faculty may submit to 10 films per quarter. Note: Due to limited staff and storage space a title is defined as being equal to the average length of a feature film. For example, a title that contains 3 videodiscs and is 255 minutes in length would equal 3 titles.
    3. The Faculty should submit their entire film list for each course using the Digital Media Reserves Streaming Request Form a week before the quarter or session begins to allow adequate time for production.
  2. Other support issues:
    1. Streaming MPEG 4 RV files are created to play on Flash.
    2. To view films off campus students must use the campus Proxy.
    3. Access to material is through UCSD Libraries' Electronic Reserves.
    4. Films made available through reserves should be owned by the Arts Library. If the Arts Library does not own a particular film, a legal personal copy may be used.
    5. Films will be password protected at the film level. It is expected that faculty will be responsible for distributing these passwords to their students.
    6. Digital files created for reserves are retained by the Arts Library for requested quarter or session only.

For further information contact Leticia Sanabria at or 858-822-2781

    1. (fall, winter and spring quarters) or 50 (summer sessions)