Arts Library Graduate Student Lockers

Arts Library lockers are intended for currently enrolled UCSD Visual Arts, Music, Film, Theatre and Dance and other graduate students engaged in extensive research using the UCSD Arts Library materials.  The lockers are awarded on a first come first served basis for 3 consecutive quarters, including the summer sessions (counts as one quarter). The lockers are for individual use and should not be shared with unauthorized persons.  The UCSD Libraries do not take responsibility for lost or damaged material, equipment, or personal belongings left in the lockers. 

All Library books are to be checked out at the main Circulation Desk (Geisel lobby) before storing them in lockers.

Library staff will check lockers on a regular basis.


SECURITY: To prevent any unauthorized person from having access to your locker, be certain that it is locked when you leave it, even for brief periods of time. Valuable personal items are not to be stored in the locker.  If your locker has been tampered with, report this immediately to an Arts Library staff member.


LOCKER USE: Only library materials and supplies used to support research should be stored in the lockers. Assignees are responsible for making sure that all library materials stored in the locker have been checked out at the Circulation Desk.  Library materials not checked out and found by library staff during regular inspection will be returned to the stacks.  Storage of food, drink, flammable or toxic materials is strictly prohibited.


LOCKER ASSIGNMENT: You are assigned a locker for 3 consecutive quarters.  You will be notified within two weeks of the expiration date and will need to schedule an appointment with the Arts Library Lockers Manager for signing out and returning the locker key.  Requests for extensions beyond 3 consecutive quarters are to be made in writing prior to the expiration of your current reservation and cannot be guaranteed.  If you do not request an extension, or if one is not granted, all belongings must be removed and the key returned to the Locker Manager by the established expiration date.  If the key is not returned, a $75.00 fee will be assessed for lock replacement. Any personal belongings left in the locker after the expiration date will be held by the Locker Manager for 5 working days, after which all items will be sent to the UCSD Police Station lost and found.

Any violation of these regulations will result in the revocation of locker privileges. 


 If you have any questions about locker use or need to report a problem, please see, call or email the Arts Library Locker Manager.  This staff member is generally available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.  You may also call (858) 544-7629 or send email to to make an appointment.