Election 2008: Health Care Issues

This is the companion webpage for an exhibit on health care issues in the 2008 presidential election. Posters were up in our display cases with information where the presidential candidates stood on health insurance, prescription medications, and stem cell research. We also tracked the health-related propositions which will be on the California ballot. The exhibit ran until the election.

Weekly polls were available via this web page. Results from previous weeks are tabulated at the bottom of the page.

Here's a virtual look!
(Links open PDF files of the content of the display posters)

Obama Issues McCain

Links: (note: these are not maintained currently, links may be stale)

Official candidate's web pages:
John McCain Barack Obama

Major resource sites:

Read more - we have assembled a reading list of articles on the candidates and analysis of their positions on health/science issues. It's available as a RefWorks shared public site

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Previous Polls

Poll 1: Is a candidate's healthcare platform one of the top three issues that you are following for the election?

Yes: 15

No: 1

Poll 2: Do you think there should be universal government-sponsored health care in the U.S., like Canada and some European countries?

Yes: 13

No: 5

Unsure: 1

Poll 3: How much will your household will spend out of pocket on medical care this year? (including medications, co-payments, lab tests, etc, but not elective cosmetic procedures)

<$500: 1

$501-1000: 4

1001-5000: 5

Poll 4: Do you think it is a good idea to allow Americans to get prescription medications from other countries, like Canada?

Yes: 10

No: 2

Unsure: 0

Friendly URL: http://biomed.ucsd.edu/election2008.htm