Exhibit: Microtopia

Beginning August 17, the Biomedical Library display cases are featuring some amazing microphotographs from Thomas Deerinck and others at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR).  NCMIR uses state of the art microscopes, imaging equipment and image processing techniques to help biomedical researchers understand biological structure and function relationships in cells and tissues in the dimensional range between 5 nm and 50 µm.  Deerinck and his colleagues combine these cutting-edge imaging resources with a keen aesthetic sense to produce visually arresting images documenting important events in the microscopic world. 

There are six images on display in the Library's display cases, and we are fortunate to have several other images from this group in our Computer Classroom and our Media Room.  These images use a variety of techniques including scanning electron microscopy and multi-photon fluorescence microscopy.  Below are some examples of the subject matter - you really have to see the originals to appreciate the detail though!

human cancer cell

Human cancer cell

hiv attacking cell

HIV attacking cell

synaptic boutons

Synaptic boutons0

Work statement from Thomas Deerinck:
"As breathtaking, complex and seemingly boundless as the world around us seems, there lies just beyond our vision another world even more amazing and infinite: that of the microscopic. Using sophisticated preparation techniques and high power light and electron microscopes, my goal has been to bring this unseen world into focus for all to see and appreciate."