BML Classroom Use Policy

The Biomedical Library has three instructional spaces for use by UCSD library staff for user training, staff training, or continuing education events. The three rooms are the Computer Classroom, the Laptop and Meeting Classroom, and the Events room.

All three rooms are equipped with ceiling mounted projectors, screens, and whiteboards. An instructor's station is also available in each room.

The following policies apply:

  • Who may Reserve the Room : Any UCSD library staff member may reserve the room by sending an appointment via Outlook. BML administrative staff will confirm or deny the appointment.
  • Room Use: The Classrooms & the Events Room are expressly for library classes, librarian-affiliated instruction, or library related events. Instruction sessions have priority in these rooms and may bump a scheduled meeting provided there is one week advanced notice. The rooms will remain locked when not in use and a key is available at the service desk.
  • Room Arrangement: (these are also the Outlook/Exchange names for the rooms)
    BML Computer Classroom - this room has a traditional hands-on arrangement with 22 desktop computers and space for 6 laptops. Modification of this set up is not available.
    BML Meeting & Laptop Room - this room is designed to be flexible and can support a variety of arrangements. The default set up is in the meeting style with the tables arranged in a large rectangle.
    BML Events Room - this room is designed for larger groups in meeting or work group arrangements with tables or in theater style with chairs only.
    For the Meeting & Laptop Room and the Events Room, it is the responsibility of the convener to return the room to the default set up. Help in rearranging the room is available provided notice is given at least 3 days in advance.
  • Computer Set Up : in the Computer Classroom, the homepage is set to the Biomedical Library's homepage ( If you wish to change the computers' homepage, please contact Jenny Reiswig (x41205 or to select another page for your class.  If you need special software or documents for a class, please arrange that with Karen Heskett (x4199) or our Computer Resource Specialist Sami Gholam (23728) - please allow a week lead time for software changes.
  • Food and Drink: Computer Classroom - No food or drink allowed.
    Laptop & Meeting Classroom - No food or drink allowed when a laptop instruction session is conducted, but for meetings, there are no food or beverage restrictions.
    Events Room - No restrictions as to food or beverages.
  • Problems? Please report problems to the Library Service Desk x43253.

Last updated: 8/23/2011