E-Problem Report Form - BML

Please use this form to report problems with electronic journals, e-books, or other electronic resources. Problems are sent to the Reference Librarian, and are dealt with during regular weekday business hours. If you would prefer to report your problem by phone, please call (858) 534-4431.

Please fill out as much information as you can – the more detail we can get from you up front, the better we'll be able to figure out what's going on. If you don't have all the details, don't worry about it – just tell us what you can.

Please note: We can't get back to you with an answer unless you fill out the contact information at the bottom of this form.

Problem Information

Name of Problem Resource:
If this was a problem with a particular e-journal article, please provide as much of the citation information as you have:
Can you describe what happened?
Were you asked for a password? Receive an error message? Don't worry about exact wording – just remember what you can.
Had you been able to successfully use this resource before?

Was this a problem connecting...

How were you trying to get to the e-journal/e-book/resource?

Contact Information

(Optional) Depending on the problem, we may need to get some more detail. We can also use contact information to let you know when we expect to have the problem resolved.

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Additional Information

Anything else we should know about this problem? Steps you already tried to resolve it?