Photocopying & Printing - BML

Self-serve photocopying and printing are available at the Biomedical Library.

Copycards: Copiers and printers use a debit card from the campus Imprints copying service. The Biomedical Library has two card vending machines. Cards can be purchased using a single dollar bill and refilled with US $1, 5, 10, or 20 denominations. Change is not provided. Individuals wishing to purchase a card with a credit card should go to the Imprints service office in the Geisel Library. Individuals may also obtain cards using a UCSD index (budget) number - contact Imprints for details. Please note: the card regenerators at the Biomedical Library do not accept credit cards or coins.

Photocopying: the library has four public-use photocopiers. Two are located on the 2nd floor to the east of the bound journal collection (see floor plan). One is located on the 1st floor across from the Service Desk, and one is in the 1st floor Information Commons area. Photocopies are 10c/page for UCSD users, 20c/page for guests.

Printing: the Biomedical Library has three high-speed networked black and white printers and one color laser printer. All the library's computers can send print jobs to these. Rates for UCSD users: 10c/page for Black & White printers, 50c/page for Color printer. Rates are double for guest users. Please note: the Biomedical Library does not have any ACS printers.

Notice concerning copyrighted material: Please read and adhere to UC San Diego Libraries' Copyright Policy concerning the reproduction and use of copyrighted material.