BLB 1st Floor

Floor 1 layout

  1. Main entrance - enter from enter from "breezeway" which can be reached from either north or south.
  2. Service desk - circulation, reserves, reference service.
  3. InfoStations - computers for Internet access, open to all.
  4. Group studies - more on 2nd floor
  5. Graduate study - late-night study space for our medical/pharmacy/grad students.
  6. Training rooms - three rooms for classes, meetings, other events.
  7. Reference collection - in Roger, you'll find these books listed as "BML Reference"
  8. Public elevator
  9. Information Commons - over 70 computers for both individual and group use as well as black and white and color printers. At the south end past the restrooms there is a station with a separate help desk, a public scanner, computer books.  The study room shaded in pink in this area is the Presentation Practice room.
  10. Restrooms
  11. New books collection
  12. Media Room - sign out key at main Service desk

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Spaces and Equipment