Welcome to the Information Commons!

"In an information commons, the underlying philosophy is to provide users with a seamless work environment so that they may access, manage, and produce information at the same workstation."

-D. Russel Bailey, Transforming Library Service through Information Commons

The Commons is a collaborative environment that features innovatively designed workspaces offering complete access to the widest possible range of resources.

It is a combination of advanced computers, leading edge software, competent help and support, a wide range of classes, a pleasant environment, collaboration areas, and comfortable seating.

Commons Overview _

Also available are a practice presentation room with digital projector, and a multimedia room for creating everything from simple images to complex sound and videos.

It is an inviting world which welcomes people who want to study, think, develop new ideas, collaborate with others, or just to rest, read a good book, or surf the net.

So please relax and enjoy this space which has been spcifically designed and created for people like you.

Need Help?

If you're in the Commons now and need help at your computer, try our handy Instant Message widget. If the status bar indicates we're "offline" please ask for help at the library's front desk. We have no way to respond to messages left on here when we're offline.