Computer Facilities at BML


Several computing options are available: InfoStations: - 22 public-access computers with access to the Internet and networked printing. These computers can be used by anyone - no logins required. These are not equipped with Microsoft Office applications, but users can use online productivity tools such as Google Docs.

Information Commons
Over 70 computers available to UCSD users via Active Directory login. These feature Internet, as well as productivity software including Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, and graphics software. Five of these are Macs equipped with Adobe Creative Suite.  Four additional Commons computers are available in the Graduate Study. Medical students can access their file storage from Educational Computing via an icon on the desktop on these computers.

Wireless laptops
Five wireless-equipped laptops are available for check-out to UCSD faculty, staff, medical students and graduate students. These Windows laptops provide wireless Internet access and Microsoft Office applications.

Media Room:
The Media Room workstation is equipped with a Windows computer with Adobe software for video, audio, graphics and Web design, as well as a scanner capable of handling print and transparencies and a webcam. This room can be signed out by UCSD students, staff and faculty for three hours at a time.

Scanning  Station: we maintain one workstation with a public scanner, Microsoft Office and graphics software. Assistance is available with use of the scanner and graphics software. Scanning is the priority use for this workstation. The workstation is not networked so you will need to bring a USB thumb drive to store your scans. 

Printing for the InfoStations and Information Commons computers is available via Imprints debit cards. UCSD rate is 10c/page for black & white, 40c/page for color, guest rate is 20c/page for black & white, $1.00/page for color.

Wireless Access: use your own laptop or mobile device
The Biomedical Library has building-wide access to the UCSD Wireless network.
UCSD users should connect to the UCSD-PROTECTED network for enhanced security and access to library resources. Non-UCSD users can connect to the UCSD-GUEST network, and we also offer the EDUROAM network for visitors from participating institutions.  Please see the campus Wireless Network page for details on how to connect your laptop or other mobile device to the UCSD wireless network.


UCSD faculty, staff, and students may use various General Access Computer Labs located throughout campus for email, word processing, etc. Academic Computing Services maintains a Web page of these labs, showing opening hours as well as information the hardware, software and printers available in each lab.

Faculty may also reserve some of these labs for limited times during the quarter for classes. Information on printing in these labs is available from Academic Computing Services.

Spaces and Equipment