About the S&E Library

The Science & Engineering Library (S&E) provides technologically advanced, user-focused services to support UC San Diego's dynamic engineering and physical sciences programs. As California's premier science and engineering library south of Los Angeles, S&E serves as a major intellectual resource for the region's vibrant biotech and corporate communities, as well as for other academic institutions and the public. The S&E Library supports faculty and students at the top-ranked Jacobs School of Engineering and the Division of Physical Sciences, where the focus is on groundbreaking research and discovery in fields ranging from bioengineering and chemistry to nanoengineering and physics. S&E serves more than 450,000 in-person and over 173,500 online patrons annually, offering guidance and instruction on patents, chemical, science, and technology information. S&E maintains an extensive collection, including nearly 300,000 print volumes and access to over 3000 e-journals and thousands of e-books, encyclopedias and reference resources. To give students a break from their rigorous studies, S&E showcases work from a variety of student activities that nurture creative discovery, including robot- and aircraft-building contests.