Women in Science 2011

The Science & Engineering Library once again celebrates Women’s History Month by featuring 21 women faculty in the physical sciences and engineering at UCSD.  We are pleased to include many from the 2009 exhibit and also some new participants.  The research interests of these women cover a wide and diverse range of endeavors, but they all express a passion for what they do.  Reading their personal statements is testimony to that passion – as scientists and engineers, as teachers, and as mentors to young women and men pursuing careers in science and engineering.

Read the profiles of these inspirational women below.

Stacey Brydges, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Xanthippi Markenscoff, MAE
christman Karen L. Christman, Bioengineering marsden
Alison Marsden, MAE
Alison Coil Alison Coil, Physics
Susan Marx, CSE
desa Virginia De Sa, Cognitive Science Rosing Tajana Simunic Rosing, CSE
Ferrante Jeanne Ferrante, CSE saygin

Ayse P. Saygin,

Cognitive Science

Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor
Beth Simon, CSE
Tara Hutchinson, Structural Engineering Talbot
Jan Talbot, Nanoengineering
Jenkins Elizabeth Jenkins, Physics Tao

Andrea Tao,


kim Judy Kim, Chemistry & Biochemistry Lelli Van Den Einde

Lelli Van Den Einde,

Structural Engineering


Katja Lindenberg,

Chemistry & Biochemistry


Angela J. Yu,

Cognitive Science

mandler Jean M. Mandler, Cognitive Science


Favorite quotes:

"My advice to students: In all that you do, keep an open, inquisitive mind. Work hard and have fun. Be decent. Discover and cultivate your passions. Seek out mentors who can help you to develop your full potential. Believe that you can make a positive difference. And then make it happen!"

- Stacey Brydges, Chemistry and Biochemistry

"I feel lucky every day that I am a scientist. After all, I get to peer into the workings of the human brain, and play with robots!"

- Ayse P. Saygin, Cognitive Science

"…there are important issues that need the intellect and curiosity of a diverse population. For this reason I hope we can continue to encourage the best and brightest women to engineering and science fields."

- Tara Hutchinson, Structural Engineering

"The advice that I give to young women and young people is to follow their heart, ---I mean their mind! --- , and pursue what really interests them with determination and passion. And believe in themselves!"

- Xanthippi Markenscoff, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering