NanoEngineering & Chemical Engineering

Collection Statement

The NanoEngineering collection supports the research interests and instructional activities of faculty and students in the Department of NanoEngineering at UCSD, which was launched in 2007. The founding faculty were drawn from the other five departments in the Jacobs School of Engineering, including the Chemical Engineering Program that was previously part of the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department. There are also affiliated faculty from the Departments of Bioengineering, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, and the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, The Department will focus on research and education in the areas of biomedical nanotechnology, molecular and nanomaterials, computational nanotechnology, and nanotechnologies for energy conversion.

  • The graduate and undergraduate NanoEngineering programs are expected to begin Fall 2010. 
  • As of January 2009, there is no formal library budget allocation for NanoEngineering. Materials are purchased out of the existing allocations for Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics and the other engineering funds.

Primary Library of Congress Call Numbers

Under the Library of Congress classification system (used at UCSD), nanoscience and nanotechnology materials are scattered many call numbers (QC176.8, QC611, QD181, R857, RA1270, RS201, T174.7, TA418, TA1530, TA 7874-7875, TP248.25) with an increasing number books available online. Most of the chemical engineering materials are in the TP range, primarily TP 155-156. For specific call numbers and or URLs, please check the online catalogs Roger and/or Melvyl.

Key Resources for NanoEngineering & Chemical Engineering

  • SciFinder Scholar & SciFinder Web – core index to the chemical literature, including reactions and the CAS Registry
  • Web of Science – index and cited reference searching for the sciences
  • Compendex - core index for materials science and chemical engineering
  • PubMed -  principal index of the biomedical literature, including "bionano" articles
  • Core journal publishers: Wiley Interscience, Springer, Elsevier/Science Direct, American Chemical Society, IEEE
  • Conference Proceedings: Materials Research Society, IEEE, SPIE, American Institute of Physics

  • See all resources for Chemical Engineering
  • See all resources for Materials Science (there is no separate nano listing yet)

New Books in NanoEngineering & Chemical Engineering

  • Recently acquired items in engineering
  • RSS feed for new nano/chemical engineering books (print and e-books): forthcoming

Course Materials

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