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Web of Science All science and engineering disciplines; includes a cited reference search to find papers that cite your paper
Compendex Mechanical, Structural, Aerospace and Chemical Engineering, Materials Science; includes extensive coverage of conference proceedings
SciFinder Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Physics and other chemistry-related disciplines; includes extensive coverage of conferences
Inspec Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Geophysics and Physical Oceanography; includes extensive coverage of conferences
IEEE Xplore Computer Science, Electrical Engineering; full-text of all IEEE journals and conference proceedings.  Learn how to use with the free webinar.
ACM Guide to the Computing Literature Computer Science; includes extensive coverage of conferences
MathSciNet Mathematics

Geology, Seismology, Marine Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geological Maps; with some coverage dating back to 1669.

MGA Meteorology, Climatology, Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics, Hydrology, Glaciology.

Aquaculture, Aquatic organisms, Aquatic pollution, Conservation, Fisheries, Marine Biotechnology, and Policy & Legislation.

PubMed Biochemistry, Bioengineering, and other engineering topics with a biomedical focus
Google Scholar Covers journals owned by UCSD and elsewhere, but lacks the advanced searching features in the databases. Not recommended for comprehensive searching

Interdisciplinary subjects like Nanotechnology and Environmental Science are covered by many of these databases—including Web of Science.