Finding Conference Proceedings

Why are conference proceedings so hard to find?

The proceedings of conferences, meetings, symposia, workshops, summer schools, etc. may be difficult to find in the library because they don't fall neatly into either the book or the journal category. When looking for conference proceedings, be prepared for a multi-step search process.

Help on finding conference proceedings is available from several hand-outs. Note that you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader configured to work with your browser in order to print these documents.

How can I find out about upcoming meetings?

Some journals, especially those published by professional societies, include calendars of future meetings and calls for papers. Check the society publications in your subject area.

IEEE Conference information

Locate IEEE sponsored and cosponsored conferences & meetings. Upcoming conferences can be searched by date, keyword, geographic area, and IEEE sponsoring group.

Help! I still can't find my proceedings. Now what?

Complete proceedings are not always published. Extended abstracts, digests of papers, and invited papers are examples of what may be published in lieu of complete proceedings.

If the library doesn't own the proceedings that you want, you can get it through Interlibrary Loan, if you are a UCSD faculty or staff member or student. Interlibrary loan forms are available on the Web or at the reference desk.