Favorite Science Blogs

Bad Astronomy
Musings from a skeptical astronomer.

Chemsitry World Podcast
"Listen to your favourite magazine every month, with Chemistry World's very own podcast, including news, interviews and discussions on the latest topics in science."

Chemical Blogspace
Collection of science & chemistry blogs.

Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog
Science and Engineering: Innovation, Research, Education and Economics.

Quirky, funny, and surprisong science news from the edge of the known universe.

Do the Math
This blog, written by UCSD professor of physics Tom Murphy, takes an astrophysicist’s-eye view of societal issues relating to energy production, climate change, and economic growth. 

Online presence of the British Guardian newspaper.  Includes a Science Blog, Technology Blog, and a blog on Bad Science.

Guardian's Bad Science blog
A column in the Guardian (UK). Each week, Ben Goldacre skewers the enemies of reason. If you're a journalist that misrepresents science for the sake of a headline, a politician more interested in spin than evidence, or an advertiser that loves pictures of molecules in little white coats, then beware: your days are numbered.

Improbable Research
Research that makes people laugh and then think.

"Strung out on science fiction" in film, television, novels, comic books and pop culture. But the io9 bloggers also cover enough science and technology hot topics that we don't feel guilty about adding this one to our list.

Ira Flatow's Blog
NPR Science Friday’s host Ira Flatow blogs about science.

Next Generation Science
Following the intersection of science, technology and information.

NPR Science Friday podcasts
News stories with videos covering the latest scientific activities happening in the world.

Real Science from real scientists.

Science Not Fiction
The science of futurist technologies – and an excuse to soak in sci-fi TV shows, books, movies, toys, and video games.

Wired Science
Musings on the latest science news, from deep space to DNA sequencing.