Computers and Scanners at S&E

  • InfoStations
  • ACMS Computer Lab
  • CD-Rom Station
  • Wireless Network and Laptop Support
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  • InfoStations

    InfoStations are computer workstations located through the library for:

    • Accessing electronic library catalogs, journal article and other databases, and electronic journal articles.
    • Searching the Internet for class or research information.

    Major file formats are supported and printing, downloading, and e-mailing results are available.

    InfoStation Use Policies

    Workstations are intended for library and research activity. Priority is given to UC faculty, staff, and students, and those using government resources. 20-minute time limit when others are waiting.

    ACMS Computer Lab

    ACMS has a Computer Lab with 115 PCs located on the main level of S&E. There are no Mac computers in S&E.  The lab is managed by UCSD's Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS). UCSD student accounts are required to access the computers.  Contact ACMS to set up your student printing account. Another ACMS-run computer lab (Geisel 137) with over 60 PCs and 2 printers is located in the SSH Library's corridor, 1st Floor. For more information about ACMS computing services, visit their web page. If you need assistance, check the schedule of the student computing assistants, called Zebras in the Geisel-SSH lab.

    S&E Computer Live Usage Map

    Geisel 137 Computer Live Usage Map

    Browse for ACMS Software

    Browse ACMS Computer Labs

    CD-Rom Station

    Located near the ACMS computers is an S&E CD-Rom station.  It is where we load our specialized science resources that are not available online, including Powder Diffraction File and several stability constants databases. Ask the Service Desk staff for assistance.

    Wireless Network and Laptop Support

    The S&E Library has a wireless LAN compatible with the UCSD Wireless Network. Laptops, phones or PDAs with Wi-Fi capability may access the web from either floor of the S&E Library.  If you haven't used the wireless network before, download & install the certificate for encrypted wireless access with ACMS. Visitors can get guest access to the wireless network, but will not have access to any of our licensed resources (databases, e-journals and e-books). AC outlets are available throughout the library, along the walls as well through the powered tables.

    S&E Scanners

    Two public flat bed scanners are availble for UCSD faculty, staff and students to scan materials.  A workstation with Microsoft Suite is connected to one scanner for quick preparation of presentations, reports and projects, and for scanning items. There is a 15 minute time limit if others are waiting. Printing is not available from the scanners. Users can save the files to a thumb drive. Ask the S&E Service Desk staff for assistance.