Course Reserves

Course Reserve Information for Instructors:

  • For all Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) electronic reserves and undergraduate level print reserves, please complete the UCSD Libraries' Submit a Course Reserve form and select "Geisel Library" under "Choose a Library."
  • For SIO graduate print reserves, please contact the SIO Department Graduate Office.
  • Please read the UCSD Libraries' Instructor's Guide for Submitting Reserves Requests. It answers common questions including copyright compliance.
  • Timing: Instructors may submit request(s) for reserves at any time, but it takes staff time to process requests, and there may be a queue. It's advantageous to submit reserve requests as soon as possible.  If library purchase of a book is involved, it can take 1-4 months before a book is available for use.  Personal copies of items may be placed on reserve.