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  • Biographies of Scripps Personnel: in UC In Memoriam
  • includes biographies on Robert Arthur, Frederick Baker, Milton Bramlette, Edward Bullard, Seibert Duntley, Carl Eckart, Edward Fager, Denis Fox, Susumu Hagiwara, Martin Johnson, Charles Kofoid, William    Nierenberg, Melvin Peterson, Russell Raitt, Norris Rakestraw, Roger Revelle, William Ritter, Per Scholander, Francis Shepard, Francis Sumner, Eleanor Sweeney, Charles Van Atta, and  Benjamin Volcani.
  • Biographies of UC San Diego Personnel: in UC In Memoriam
  • includes biographies on Walter Heilgenberg, Hans Suess
  • National Academy of Sciences, Biographical Memoirs
  • includes biographies on Jacob Bjerknes, Milton Bramlette, Harmon Craig, Carl Eckart, Carl Hubbs, John Isaacs, Charles Kofoid, H. William Menard, Jerome Namais, William Nierenberg, Roger Revelle, Per Scholander, Hans Suess, Francis Sumner, Harald Sverdrup, Thomas Vaughan
  • National Academy of Engineering, Memorial Tributes
  • includes biographies on John Isaacs (in Volume 2, pp. 130-135), Fred Spiess (in Volume 11, pp. 284-289)
  • GSA Today, Rock Star Profiles
  • includes biographies on Francis Shepard, Thomas Wayland Vaughan
  • Oral Histories of Scripps Scientists and Personnel
  • interviews on their careers and research
  • Scripps' collected memoirs and biographies
    • SIO Alumni Biographies. SIO 74th Anniversary Committee, 1978. 
    • Scripps Stories: Days to Remember, In Celebration of 90 Years. Kittie Kerr Kuhns and Elizabeth N. Shor, 1993.
      memoirs contributed by James W. Ammerman; Lloyd J. Anderson; Charles C. Bates; Martin Benson; John S. Bradshaw; Edward Brinton; William S. Butcher; Chuck Colgan; Eugene F. Corcoran; Mary Crawford; John E. Cromwell; Sayed A. El Wardani; Gordon W. Groves; Mark J. Grygier; Heidi Hahn; William S. Harvie; Edvard A. Hemmingsen; Steacy Hicks; Jed Hirota; Mike Huber; John A. Knauss; Kittie Kerr Kuhns; Bui Thi Lang; Dale F. Leipper; Ralph A. Lewin; Madeleine Miller Mahnken; Jane Malloy; John McCosker; Marie McIntyre; Jim Means; Don Miller; Jacquelin N. Miller; Richard Y. Morita; Kenneth S. Norris; Robert M. Norris; Colm O' hEocha; Carolyn Rainey; Andreas B. Rechnitzer; Gunnar I. Roden; Richard H. Rosenblatt; John Schneider; Betty Shor; Eric Shulenberger; Eli Silver; Laurel Loeblich Smith; R. J. Smith; Harris B. Stewart, Jr.; Elizabeth Venrick; Richard Vetter; George F. Weisel; Clark Wilson; C. S. Wong; Warren S. Wooster.
    • Seeking Signals in the Sea: Recollections of the Marine Physical Laboratory. Elizabeth N. Shor, 1997
    • Scripps Log Obituaries
  • Bibliography of Biographies of Ocean Scientists
  • includes references to biographies and obituaries of Scripps scientists
  • Bibliography on the History of Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • includes references to biographies and obituaries of Scripps personnel