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Constituent Departments Trade and Commerce Agency
Boards and Commissions Youth and Adult Correctional Agency
Health and Welfare Agency Environmental Protection Agency

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Resources Agency

Business, Transportation,and Housing Agency
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Department of Motor Vehicles
California Housing Finance Agency
California Highway Patrol
Department of Corporations
Department of Financial Institutions
Department of Housing and Community Development
Office of Real Estate Appraisers
Department of Real Estate
Office of Traffic Safety
Stephen P. Teale Data Center

Constituent Departments
Department of Boating and Waterways
Department of Conservation
Department of Fish and Game
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Department of Parks and Recreation
Department of Water Resources
California Conservation Corps

Boards and Commissions
California Coastal Commission
California Energy Commission
California State Lands Commission
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
Delta Protection Commission
Colorado River Board of California
State Reclamation Board
Board of Forestry Fish and Game Commission
Mining and Geology Board
Native American Heritage Commission
Parks and Recreation Commission
State Historic Resources Commission
California Water Commission

Health and Welfare Agency
Department of Aging
Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs
Department of Developmental Services
Department of Education
Department of Health Services
Department of Mental Health
Department of Rehabilitation
Department of Social Services
Emergency Medical Services Authority
Employment Development Department
Employment Training Panel
Health and Welfare Agency Data Center
Health Information for Policy Project Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
School-to-Career Information System

State and Consumer Services Agency
Board of Architectural Examiners
California African- American Museum
Contractors State License Board
Department of Consumer Affairs
Department of Consumer Affairs: Bureau of Automotive Repair
Department of General Services
Department of General Services: Division of State Architect
Department of General Services: Office of Fire Marshall
Department of General Services: Office of Public School Construction
Department of General Services: Office of State Printing
Franchise Tax Board
State Personnel Board

Trade and Commerce Agency
Division of Tourism: California Travel & Tourism
Economic Development Division
International Trade and Investment Division

Youth and Adult Correctional Agency
Board of Corrections
Department of Corrections
Department of the Youth Authority

Environmental Protection Agency
California Air Resources Board
California Integrated Waste Management Board
Department of Pesticide Regulation
Department of Toxic Substances Control
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
State Water Resources Control Board