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Keep up-to-date and be a part of the GIS community here at UC San Diego! 

Unless specifically stated, all events are open to everyone and are not limited to the UC San Diego community.

GIS Community

There are two primary ways to keep up with the GIS community at UC San Diego:  joining the listserv and reading GIS @UC San Diego.

GIS Listserv 
The GIS listserv is an excellent conduit for keeping up to date on GIS happenings sharing GIS-related information. Ask your colleagues for technical help, share tips and tricks, discuss data needs, learn about local GIS events, software updates, upcoming classes and new GIS services from the library.  Don't worry - we don't send out a lot of emails!   Subscribe/Unsubscribe

GIS@UC San Diego
This newletter has been replaced by our GIS blog - check it out at!

GIS@UC San Diego was a newsletter distributed on a quarterly basis to strengthen UC San Diego's GIS community by sharing information on GIS issues, data needs, projects, events, cool new software and visualization tools, or just about anything else related to the geospatial.  We now use a blog and all are encouraged to contribute to GIS@UC San Diego by emailing the GIS Coordinator.

GIS Events

Lunch Series

*Due to time and budgetary constraints, the Lunch Series has been discontinued until further notice.

Join the UC San Diego GIS community one lunchtime per quarter as we feature a GIS project from our campus. Not only is it fun to see what others are doing with GIS while learning more about the diversity of the tool - sometimes we'll even buy lunch for you!

Everyone is welcome to attend any of the Lunch Series events.

Interested at presenting at a GIS Lunch Series? Send the GIS Coordinator an email with your proposed topic.


You can probably guess what GIS Day is all about...yes, GIS! Every year we celebrate here at UC, San Diego, and here is what we've done so far...

2006 : 2007 : 2008 : 2010

Other GIS Events

We love to see the diversity of activities and places the campus community goes so sometimes we do special GIS-y events. Here's some information about them...

'Where in the world were you this summer?" (2006)

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GIS Coordinator Presentations
Presentations delivered in the classrooms of UCSD by the GIS Coordinator are available for viewing and download. Request a GIS presentation for students, staff or faculty here.

Current Events & Announcements

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