Census Compilations

Californians of Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino ancestry: population, education, employment, income
Census Years: 1890-1960
Location: SSH Docs CAL Stacks I270 J3

A Century of Population Growth 1790 - 1900
Census Years: 1790-1900
Location: SSH Ref Stacks HA 195 A5 190A and SSH Docs US Stacks C 3.2:P 81

County Population Census Counts 1900-90
Census Years: 1900-1990

Demographic Trends in the 20th Century
Census Years: 1900-2000
Location: SSH Docs US Stacks C 3.2:D39/3
Note: no statistics

Historical Census Browser from UVa
Census Years: 1790-1960

Historical statistics of the United States, colonial times to 1970
Census Years: 1790-1970
Location: SSH Ref/US C 3.134/2:H 62/789-970 Ref/US and SSH Ref HA202 .B87 1976 Ref

Historical Statistics of the United States [UCSD Only]
Census Years: 1790-2000

Historical statistics of the states of the United States : two centuries of the census, 1790-1990
Census Years: 1790-1990
Location: SSH Ref HA181 .D63 1993

Population abstract of the United States
Census Years: 1790-1980
Location: SSH Ref Stacks HA202 .A686 1983

Population History of Western U.S. Cities and Towns, 1850-1990
Census Years: 1850-1990
Location: SSH Ref Stacks HB 3525 .W38 M64 1996

Population of states and counties of the United States: 1790 to 1990
Census Years: 1790-1990
Location: SSH Docs US Ref C 3.2:P 81/26

Selected Historical Census Data Census Bureau
Census Years: 1790-1990

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Census Years: 1790-2000
Location: SSH Docs US Ref/SSH Docs US C 3.134:

Women's occupations through seven decades
Census Years: 1870-1940
Location: SSH Docs US Stacks L 13.3:218

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