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Course Integrated Instruction

Subject specialists at SSHL will work with faculty to integrate research into the curriculum of a course or academic department. Course integrated instruction usually takes place in the form of one or two library instruction sessions. During these sessions, students learn how to locate and evaluate sources that will help them complete their course assignments (e.g. annotated bibliographies, term papers, portfolios, debates, cap-stone research projects, etc.).

Instructional Materials

Often times, a course integrated library instruction session is supplemented by an online research guide. This allows students the opportunity to continue developing their research skills after the library instruction session has ended. If class time is scarce, subject specialists can create a research guide as a substitute to a library instruction session. However, course integrated library instruction sessions are preferred as students have the opportunity to problem solve and explore research tools with an information specialist at hand. Below are sample online research guides created by SSHL Librarians:

Schedule a Class

To schedule a library instruction session for your course, consult the subject specialist in your area.

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