Preventing Plagiarism: Keepin' It Real

Welcome to our plagiarism prevention and information area of the website! These pages are designed to familiarize you with plagiarism and test your knowledge.

Plagiarism can sound like a boring topic, but did you know that a student from Ohio University was removed from the Semester at Sea Program while sailing around the world because she unintentionally plagiarized*? As a student, it's important to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

This tutorial is designed to help you learn:

    • A definition of plagiarism

    • A list of the different types of plagiarism, their explanations, and real world examples

    • Practice scenarios and an online quiz to test your knowledge of plagiarism

    • Tips to avoid plagiarism

    • Resources to help you organize your research and bibliographies

    • UCSD's Policies on Student Conduct and Integrity of Scholarship that include plagiarism and its consequences

Look around, you are sure to learn something new and interesting about plagiarism, including tips you can use to prevent it!

*Go, Alison. "Two Students Kicked off Semester at Sea for Plagiarism." Weblog entry. The Paper Trail. 14 August 2008. 9 December 2008 <>.

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