Collection Statement

The purpose of the anthropology collection is to support the research interests and instructional activities of faculty and students in the Department of Anthropology at UCSD. One strength of the collection is cultural and social anthropology, with a particular emphasis on psychological anthropology. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on collecting materials to support research and instruction in anthropological archaeology, and biological anthropology.

Primary Library of Congress Call Numbers

Note: Under the Library of Congress classification system (used at UCSD), anthropology materials are scattered across a many different call numbers. The information below is meant to convey only a general idea of where the bulk of the collection will be found. For specific call numbers, please check the online catalogs (Roger and/or Melvyl).

GN Anthropology

  • GN 49 TO GN 296 = Physical anthropology
  • GN 301 TO GN 673 = Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology. (Note: For individual ethnic groups, see D-F as appropriate)
  • GN 700 TO GN 875 = Prehistoric archaeology (Note: See also CC for general archaeology, and D-F for archaeology of particular places.)

QH & QL (selected numbers) Human evolution. Primatology.

Key Resources for Anthropology

Course Materials

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    • Anthropology/Biological Anthropology
    • Anthropology, General
    • Anthropology, Graduate
    • Anthropology, Lower Division
    • Anthropology, Regional
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