Collection Statement

The purpose of the archaeology collection is to support the research interests and instructional activities of archaeology faculty and students in the Department of Anthropology at UCSD. As such, the collection reflects the academic program: a broad-range approach to the study of the archaeology of complex societies." In addition to general archaeological theory, large components of the collection pertain to areas of particular interest to current faculty members, including Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and the Levant, with growing strengths in Andean South America and Mayan Mesoamerica. Of special note are materials concerning Mesopotamia. These materials, and many others, were included in a generous gift from Dr. Robert McC. Adams to the UCSD Libraries in 1993.

Primary Library of Congress Call Numbers

Note: Under the Library of Congress classification system (used at UCSD), archaeology materials are scattered across many different call numbers. The information below is meant to convey only a general idea of where the bulk of the collection will be found. For specific call numbers, please check the online catalogs (Roger and/or Melvyl).

  • CC = General archaeology
  • GN 700 TO GN 875 = Prehistoric archaeology
  • D-F = Archaeology of particular places. For example, books on the topic of the archaeology of Jerusalem may be found in DS109.

Key Resources for Archaeology

  • Anthropology Plus [UCSD Only]

    19th century-present. Indexes articles from over 2500 scholarly journals, plus book chapters. Includes anthropology, archaeology, and related fields. Combines the databases, ANTHROPOLOGICAL LITERATURE, and ANTHROPOLOGICAL INDEX.

    Department of Anthropology homepage
    Includes links to information about archaeological fieldschool, classes, etc.

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