Environmental Studies

Collection Statement

The environmental studies collection reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of Muir College with links to political science, sociology, ethnic studies, anthropology, evolutionary biology, earth science, and oceanography. As such, materials may be found in the Social Sciences and Humanities library, Biomedical Library, or Scripps Institute of Oceanography library. The SSH collection focuses mainly on the public policy issues related to the environment: environmental racism, the effects of globalization on the environment, and the documents of US and international government bodies. For more information on the hard science aspects, please contact the following bibliographers:

  • Peter Bruggeman, Scripps Institute of Oceanography (biological diversity, earth sciences, oceanography)

Primary Library of Congress call numbers:

GE 1 Environmental Sciences
GE70 - 90 Environmental Education
GE170 - 190 Environmental Policy
GE195 - 199 Environmentalism
GE 300 - 350 Environmental Management
JA75 Ecology - Political Aspects (also see Green Movements)
QH1- 200 Natural History including nature conservation
QH 75 Biological Diversity
TD 1 - 1066 Environmental Technology

Key Resources for Environmental Studies

Course Materials