Ethnic Studies

Collection Statement

To support a highly interdisciplinary academic program, the library's core collection for Ethnic Studies focuses on the histories, languages, and cultures of America's racial and ethnic minority groups, as unique groups and particularly within the contexts of power and social justice in American society. The collections include primary and secondary resources which address questions regarding the social construction of categories of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class and nation. In recent years the scope of the collection has begun to expand, including works on racial and ethnic populations worldwide.

Library materials on ethnicity and race can be classified in nearly any call number area depending on their basic content, notably within these disciplines: sociology, history, economics, political science, law, anthropology, psychology, education, urban studies, public health, music, visual arts, etc. The information below is meant to convey only a general idea of call number areas and their topics. For specific call numbers, please check the online catalogs (Roger and/or Melvyl).

Primary Library of Congress call numbers for Ethnic Studies:

E 75 - E 99 Native Americans.
E 184 - E 185: American ethnic groups.
GN: Anthropology
HA: Social science statistics.
HM: Sociology (general and theoretical). Social psychology.
HN: Social history. Social problems. Social reform.
HQ: The family. Marriage. Women. Feminism.
HT: Communities. Classes. Races. Slavery.
HV: Social and public welfare. Substance abuse. Criminology.
K: Legal issues
LC: Education

Key Resources for Ethnic Studies

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