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The Japanese Studies Collection at UCSD has been developed to serve faculty and student researchers who engage in interdisciplinary studies of Japan.  The collection is housed on the 4th floor of the Geisel Library and includes resources on modern and contemporary (1868 to present) Japan in the fields of humanities (history, culture, language and literature.)  as well as contemporary issues of the Japanese economy, business and politics.  English language books on Japan related subjects are housed throughout the Geisel Library Building.

The UCSD’s Japanese Studies Collection has been primarily emphasizing collecting resources on the Showa and Heisei periods (1925 to present.)  Particularly, it has strong holdings on Manshu and Chosen resources (includes films) during the Japanese occupation period.  The most current collection focus is to develop collection of resources on the South Sea Islands and Southeast Asia under the Japanese annexation period.  Collections on education and Japanese company history are also strong. 

Key Resources

  • JapanKnowledge
    Collection of Japanese language reference works. Includes language dictionaries, Nipponica encyclopedia, biographical dictionaries, Kodansha encyclopedia of Japan (in English) and more

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New Books and Films in Japanese Studies

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