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The Judaic Studies Program, while based in the Department of History, is interdisciplinary and includes faculty in Anthropology, LIterature and Sociology. It focuses on the history, religion, culture, language and literature of the Jewish people: in ancient and modern Israel, and also throughout the world. Because of longstanding faculty research interests, the collection is especially strong in scholarship on the Hebrew Bible, and the ancient societies and cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean. More recent faculty interests have led to growth in collections supporting research in 19th and 20th century Germany and Eastern Europe.

Primary Library of Congress call numbers:

BM - Judaism in its religious aspects
BS 701-1010 - Hebrew Bible; also other areas of Biblical studies, especially BS 410-440, 573-580, 620-625)
DS 101-150 - Israel, both ancient and modern, and the Jews throughout the world
E 185.J5 - Jews in the United States
PJ 4501-5192 - Hebrew and Yiddish language and literature (mostly in translation)

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