San Diego Technology Archive/History of San Diego Technology & Industry

Collection Statement

A collaborative effort among the UCSD Libraries’ San Diego Technology Archive Manager, the History of Science subject specialist, and the Business and Economics subject specialist to collect selected materials documenting the creation, development, and history of San Diego’s technology industries.

UCSD Academic Areas Supported

Biotechnology,Business, Commercialization of technologies, Innovation studies, Information technology, Science studies, Technology and operations management, Technology entrepreneurship, Telecommunications.


Oral and/or written interviews with individuals who have contributed significantly to San Diego’s biotech, information technology, software development, telecommunications, or other high-tech industries; selected personal papers of the same individuals; representative examples or “case studies” of corporate leadership and business/industry development, decision-making, and/or scientific contribution; selected materials that emphasize research over product distribution or placement.


General corporate records, employee records, legally-sensitive materials, materials that cannot ever be made available for public use, realia.