Japan: Searchable Sources

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MagazinePlus -- UCSD only
1975-present. Citations to articles from selected Japanese scholarly, scientific and general interest journals, and popular magazines.

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Zasshi Kiji Sakuin via CiNii -- UCSD only
1988-present. Citations to articles from selected Japanese scholarly , scientific and general interest journals. Also, includes databases of directories, catalogs and indexes.

Nikkei Telecom 21 -- UCSD only
Provides newswire stories and other information on business and related areas. Full text search available for Nikkei newspapers, major Japanese newspapers, local newspapers and specialized newspapers. For use, contact to Japanese Studies Librarian. (41224)

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官報 (Official Gazette of Japanese Government)

国会議事録 (Minutes of Japanese Diet)
Provides full text search for the minutes of Japanese Diet from 1947.

Japan Documentation Center
1993-1999. Collects difficult-to-obtain unpublished literature on Japan's public policy. Searchable by keywords in English or romanized Japanese..

News in English (UCSD only)