Documentary films

1420: ley de educación / Education bill . INCAA, LAVA, 2003. VHS. Story of the women who were recruited by Sarmiento from Boston in the 19 th century to train Argentine teachers.

18-J . Daniel Burman. INCAA, 2005. DVD. Tribute to victims of the July 18, 1994 bombing of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina.

21st century trends in Latin American literature. Princeton, N. J: Films Media Group, c2008. DVD. Profiles the careers and the potential of authors at the forefront of the region's emerging narrative trends. The influence of the Crack Movement and the McOndo Group is addressed.

Abrazos: tango en Buenos Aires.  Facets Video, 2006.  DVD.  Performance highlights from the 5th Festival Buenos Aires Tango.

Afroargentinos / Afroargentines . Jorge Fortes, Diego Ceballos. Filmagem Producciones, LAVA, 2002. VHS. African diaspora in the Americas series, documents the history of Argentines of African descent.

After the boom. Princeton, N. J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c2008. DVD. The program explores the work of authors from the Southern Cone region and addresses the emergence of the urban crónica.

Angélica Gorodischer . Blakman Video no Convencional S.A. VHS. Interview with the author.

Argentina . United Press International, 1976. VHS. Argentine politics in the 1970s.

Argentina: Chamame crudo. Hamilton, NJ: Films Media Group, 2008. Many point to Corrientes, a center of musical culture, as the birthplace of the original Chamamé. This program focuses on performances of various songs.

Argentina : growth or disappearance . Luciano Zito, Pablo Martínez. Kermes Televisión, LAVA, 2003. VHS. The December 2001 protests in Argentina and the events leading up to them. Spanish title: Argentina : crecer o desaparecer.

Argentina: hope in hard times . Melissa Young. Bullfrog Films, 2004. DVD. Examines Argentina’s recovery from its economic problems.

Argentina in the thirties . Pan American Institute of Geography and History, the Organization of American States. Library use only.

Argentinazo: comienza la revolución . Ojo Obrero, 2002. DVD. Shows the demonstrations and riots of December 2001 leading to the resignation of Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa.

Botín de guerra / Spoils of war . David Blaustein. Televisión Española, Facets Video, 1999, 2004. DVD. Documents efforts of Madres de Plaza de Mayo to find their missing grandchildren.

Broken silence.  Steven Spielberg.Universal, 2002, 2004.  DVD.  Includes film “Some who lived” which weaves together testimonies of Holocaust survivors now living in Argentina and Uruguay with archival and contemporary footage.

Burnt oranges . Silvia Malagrino. 2005. DVD. Explores the social effects of Argentina’s state terrorism of the 1970s.

Cazadores de utopias / Hunters of utopias . David Blaustein, Rodolfo Hermida. INCAA, LAVA, 1995. VHS. Argentina in the 1970s.

Compañeras . Grupo Alavío, 2006. DVD. Honors the working women of Argentina.

Cortázar . Tristán Bauer. Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía, Fundación Banco Mercantil Argentino, 1994. VHS. Interview with the author.

Crimes against humanity: the search for justice . BBC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1998. VHS. Documents human rights abuses and efforts to find justice and reconciliation, including in Argentina, Chile, and Guatemala.

The debt of dictators.  California Newsreel, 2005.  DVD.   Exposes the irresponsible lending to dictators by multinational financial institutions in countries that include Argentina.

La dignidad de los nadies.  Cinesur, 2005.  DVD.   Focuses on the poor and dispossessed of Argentina and their recent increasingly successful battles.

Entrevista, Manuel Puig . 1977. VHS. Interview with Argentine author.

Errepé . Gabriel Corvi, Gustavo de Jesús. SBP S.A. Worldwide, 2006. DVD. History of the Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo (ERP).

Eva Perón.  Facets Video, 1996, 2004.  DVD. 

Following Antigone . EEAF-Witness Video Production, 2002. VHS. Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team investigations in Argentina and El Salvador.

El golpe.  International DVD Group, 2006.  DVD. Looks at the events around the Mar. 24, 1976 coup in Argentina.

Hechos no palabras. Argentina: SBP, c2008. DVD (NTSC).

La hora de los hornos: notas y testimonios sobre el neocolonialismo la violencia y la liberación.  Página 12,  1966-1968, 200-.  DVD.

La inmigración a la Argentina . Blakman Video no Convencional, S.A., 2002. VHS. Examines immigration to Argentina from 1860 to 1955.

Ivipe Guasu pe oikovareta / Los habitantes de la Gran Planicie . Júrgen Riester. Apoyo para el Campesino-Indígena del Oriente Boliviano, 2002. VHS. Documentary about the indigenous peoples of the Gran Chaco in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina

La Guerra de Malvinas: una aventura militar . Román Lejtman. 2003. DVD. Argentine perspective on the 1982 Falklands Islands War.

La Hora de los hornos . Fernando Solanas, Octavio Getino. Grupo Cine Liberación, 1968, 2004. VHS. Critically acclaimed documentary history of Argentina.

I don't know what your eyes have done to me / Yo no sé qué me han hecho tus ojos.  Facets Video, 2003, 2005.  DVD.  Biography of Ada Falcón.

Japón a través de los mares / Japan across the seas . Mabel Maio. MG Producciones TV Documental, LAVA, 1998. VHS. Japanese immigration to Argentina.

Jorge Luis Borges . Joaquín Soler Serrano. Radiotelevisión Española, EDITRAMA, 2001. VHS. Interview with the Argentine author.

Jorge Luis Borges: Borges and I . David Wheatley. BBC, RM Arts, Home Vision, 1983. VHS. Explores the life and works of the Argentine author.

Julio Cortázar: entrevistas. VHS. Interview with Argentine author who died in 1984.

The Latin American boom. Princeton, N. J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, [2007]. DVD-R, NTSC. This program surveys the artistic phenomenon, manifested most notably in magical realism, that came to be known as the Latin American Boom.

Legado / Legacy . LAVA, 2001. VHS. Memories of the Jewish colonization in Argentina.

Lesbianas de Buenos Aires . Santiago García. BDCINE, Wap Media, LAVA, 2002. VHS. Their experiences in the Argentine male-oriented society.

Las Madres: the mothers of Plaza de Mayo . Susana Muñoz, Lourdes Portillo. Direct Cinema Limited, Women Make Movies, 1985, 2001. VHS. Interviews describe the origin of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Malajunta.  Cinema Guild, 2006.  DVD.  Examines the 1976-1983 period in Argentina.

Memoria del saqueo.  Cinesur, 2006.  DVD.Exposes the systematic despoiling of Argentina by elected governments.

Mexico, the frozen revolution.   Macondo Cine, Gleyzer Films, Facets Video, 1964, 1966, 1971, 2007.  DVD. Title film uses newsreel footage to connect the betrayal of the 1910 Mexican Revolution with the failure of revolution in Mexico.   Two additional films are “The land burns / La tierra quema” which exposes the inequities of land ownership in Brazil and “It happened in Hualfin / Ocurrido en Hualfin” which examines the generational cycle of poverty in Catamarca, Argentina.

Modernismo. Princeton, N. J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences: Films Media Group, c2008. DVD-R. Viewers will discover valuable insights regarding the cultural wave of Modernismo and its transformation of the novel, lyrical poetry, and nonfiction prose.

The mystery of Eva Peron. First Run Features, 2008.  DVD.  Film and interviews with Eva's personal acquaintances, critics, and historians.

Ni uno solo: un llamado a la democracía en Argentina  / Not a single one : a call for democracy in Argentina.  Soluble Films, 2007.  DVD.  Looks at the increasingly corrupt political practices that led to the downfall of the Argentinian government after massive street protests rocked the nation on December 19 and 20, 2001.

Montoneros: una historia. Andrés di Tella. LAVA, 1995. VHS. History of Argentine urban revolutionary movement of the 1970s.

Nietos: identidad y memoria . Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, 2005. DVD. Stories of children whose parents were disappeared in the 1970s who have been reunited with their grandparents.

Paso a las luchadoras . Ojo Obrero, 2003. VHS. Lives of seven Argentine women working for women’s rights.

Por esos ojos.  First Run/Icarus Films, 1997.  DVD.  Tells the story of Mariana, adopted illegally by Argentine soldiers when her parents, two Uruguayan activists, were killed and her grandmother's search for her.

El proceso, 1976-1983 / The process, 1976-1983 . Román Lejtman. 2003. DVD. Examines Argentina under military rule.

Prohibido. Andrés di Tella. Patagonik Film Group, LAVA, 1997. VHS. Argentina's “Dirty War” from the perspective of the arts.

Por el derecho a decidir.  El Cuarto Patio, 2005.  VHS.  Documents a demonstration which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2005 to support the cause of the decriminalization of abortion.

Que justice soit faite! / May justice be done.  California Newsreel, 2002, 2007.  DVD.  Traces the roots of Argentina’s 2001 financial crisis back to the irresponsible lending policies of the international lending financial institutions.

La República perdida.  Emerald Video, 1983, 199?  DVD.  Chronicles Argentine history from the military coup of 1930 to that of 1976.

La República perdida II.  Emerald Video, 1986, 2003.  DVD. Chronicles the period of military dictatorship in Argentina from 1976 to 1983.

Rituales sonoros: Candombe / Ritual rhythms: Candombe . Mabel Maio. MG Producciones, LAVA, 1999. VHS. Highlights candombe, the African influenced music and dance of the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina and Uruguay.

Los rubios / The blonds . Albertina Carri, Barry Ellsworth. Women Make Movies, 2003. VHS. Albertina Carri traces her parents' disappearance in 1977 in Argentina.

7 días en El Once / 7 days in Once . Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, LAVA, 2001. VHS. Life in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires largely populated by Jews since the early twentieth century.

Sasetru obrera . Ojo Obrero, 2003? VHS. Documentary on the worker takeover of the closed Sasetru factory in Argentina in 2003.

Señas de exilio.  Ediciones del Norte, 1985.  VHS.  Saúl Sosnowski interviews Argentine authors David Viñas and Mempo Giardinelli.

La señora Eva Peron.  Cinema Guild, 2002, 2006.  DVD.  The life and political career of Eva Peron is explored through interviews with political associates and friends.

The short films of Raymundo Gleyzer.  Facets Video, 1972-1977, 2007.  DVD.  A collection of Raymundo Gleyzer's documentary shorts.

Social genocide=Memoria del saqueo. ADR Productions, Thelma Film AG, Cinesur SA. Toronto, ON: Mongrel Media Inc., c2004: [ [distributor], 2007]. DVD.

Si sos brujo = una historia de tango / A tango story. Cinemateca, Facets Video, 2005, 2007.  DVD.  The story of a group of young Argentine musicians who want to start a tango orchestra school. 

Sol de noche. Pablo Milstein, Norberto Ludin. Página 12, 2004. VHS. The “ Noche del Apagón” in 1976.

Tango our dance / Tango baile nuestro . Jorge Zanada. Facets Video,1988, 2006. DVD. The tango's place in Argentine culture.

Trastienda de una elección : campaña presidencial argentina 1999 . Fundación Konrad Adenauer, Temas Grupo Editorial, 2000. VHS. Accompanies book on the subject.

Utango . Elliot Kaplan. Picture Start Films, 2003. DVD. Celebrates the tango.

La voz de los pañuelos / The voice of the shawls . Marcelo Cespedes, Carmen Guarini. Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Cine Ojo, 1992. VHS. History of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo in Argentina.

The Yidishe gauchos . Mark Freeman, Alison Brysk. National Center for Jewish Film, Brandeis University, 1989. VHS. History of Jews escaping persecution in late nineteenth-century Eastern Europe to settle in the pampas of Argentina, with oral histories, archival footage, and interviews with scholars.

Feature Films

Bad times / Mala época . Mariano De Rosa, Rodrígo Moreno, Salvador Roselli, Nicolás Saad. LAVA, 2000. VHS.

Bolivia . Israel Adrián Caetano, Romina Lanfranchini. Instituto Nacional de Cinematografia y Artes Audiovisuales, 2001, 2002. VHS.

Boquitas pintadas . Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Juan José Jusid, Manuel Puig. Facets Video, 1974, 1996. VHS.

Camila / Love against all odds . María Luisa Bemberg. GEA Cinematográfica S.R.L., Meridian Video Corp., 1984, 1995, 2002. VHS, DVD.

El camino de San Diego. [Spain] : Cameo Media, 2007. DVD; PAL.

Cautiva.  Gastón Biraben.  Koch Entertainment, 2007.  DVD. 

La ciénaga / The swamp . Lucrecia Martel. Home Vision Entertainment, 2001, 2005. DVD.

Un crisantemo estalla en Cincoesquinas / A chrysanthemum burst in Cincoesquinas . Daniel S. Burman, Pascual Massarelli, Diego Dubcovsky. Burman/Dubcovsky/Cine, Planete Spots, LAVA, 1996, 1997. VHS.

Cuesta abajo . Louis Gasnier, Alfredo Le Pera, Carlos Gardel. Condor Video, 1934, 1987. VHS.

Don Segundo Sombra . Ricardo Güiraldes, Manuel Antín. 1969. VHS.

La deuda interna / Verónico Cruz . Miguel Pereira. Vanguard Cinema, Condor Media, British Film Institute, Channel Four Television, Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía de Argentina, Yacoraite Film LTDA, Mainframe Film, 1987, 2002. DVD.

El día que me quieras . John Reinhardt, Carlos Gardel. Condor Video, 1935, 1987. VHS.

La discoteca del amor . Adolfo Aristarain. 1980. VHS.

Esperando al mesías / Waiting for the messiah . Daniel Burman, Diego Dubcovsky. Primer Plano Film Group S.A., Burman-Dubcovsky-Cine, 2000. DVD.

Eva Perón / Eva Perón, the true story . Juan Carlos Desanzo, Hugo Eduardo Lauria. Aleph Producción, Third Row Center, 1996, 2000. VHS.

Evita . Alan Parker, Oliver Stone. Dirty Hands Production, Hollywood Pictures Home Video, 1996, 1998. DVD.

Felicidades.  Lucho Bender.  Facets Multimedia, 2000, 2005.  DVD.

La fuga / The runaway . Eduardo Mignogna, Jorge Goldenberg, Carlos L. Mentasti. Televisión Federal S.A, TELEFE, TESELA Producciones Cinematográficas S.R.L. Gativideo, 2001. DVD.

Funny dirty little war . Hector Olivera, Osvaldo Soriano. ICA/Aries Cinematográfica Argentina, 1983. VHS.

Garage Olimpo . Marco Bechis. 1999, 2005. DVD.

Gigante. [New York]: Film Movement, [2009]. DVD. A shy and lonely 35 year old security guard at a supermarket works the night shift monitoring the surveillance cameras.

La guerra del cerdo / Diary of the war of pigs . Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Juan Sires, Beatriz Guido, Adolfo Bioy Casares. Condor Video, 1975, 1988. VHS.

La historia oficial / The official story . Luis Puenzo, Aida Bortnik. Koch Lorber Films, 1985, 2004. DVD.

La historia oficial / The official story . Luis Puenzo, Aida Bortnik. Fox Lorber Home Video, 1985, 1995. VHS.

Imagining Argentina . Christopher Hampton . Universal Pictures, 2003, 2004. DVD.

Jews in space / Judíos en el espacio.  Gabriel Lichtmann.  Facets Video, 2007.  DVD.

Juan Moreira . Leonardo Favio . 1984. VHS.

Kamchatka . Marcelo Piñeyro, Marcelo Figueras. Patagonik Film Group, Alquimia Cinema, 2002, 2003. DVD.

Kiss of the spider woman . Hector Babenco, Manuel Puig. PolyGram Video, 1985, 1995. VHS.

El lado oscuro del corazón.  Eliseo Subiela.  Facets Multimedia, 1992, 2003.  DVD.

El lado oscuro del corazon / The dark side of the heart . Eliseo Subiela. New Yorker Video, 1992, 1997. VHS.

Lugares comunes / Common ground . Adolfo Aristarain, Lorenzo F. Aristarain. Tornasol Films, Wellspring Media, 2002, 2004. DVD.

Man facing southeast / Hombre mirando al sudeste . Eliseo Subiela. FilmDallas Pictures, R & G. Video, 1993. VHS.

Martín Fierro . José Hernández. Contracuadro, Facets Multimedia, 1968, 1996. VHS.

The motorcycle diaries / Diarios de motocicleta . José Rivera, Walter Salles. Focus Films , Universal, 2004, 2005. DVD.

El muerto / The dead man . Fernando Ayala, Hector Olivera, Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Carlos Onetti. Aries Cinematográfica Argentina, Condor Video, 1975, 1987. VHS.

Los muertos.  Lisandro Alonso.  Facets Video, 2003, 2008.  DVD.

Mundo grua / Crane world . Pablo Trapero. Cinemateca, Facets Video, 1999, 2004. DVD.

No mires para abajo.  Eliseo Subiela.  Strand Releasing Home Video, 2008.  DVD.

No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas / Don't die without telling me where you're going . Eliseo Subiela. / Cinemateca , Condor Media, Facets Multimedia, 1995, 2004. DVD.

La nube . Fernando Solanas. Cinesur, 1998, 2002. DVD.

Nueve reinas. Fabian Bielinsky . Sony Pictures Classics, Patagonik Film Group, Industrias Audiovisuales Argentinas, S.A., Kodak Argentina S.A., Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2002. DVD.

Un oso rojo . Israel Adrian Caetano, Horacio Quiroga. Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, New Yorker Video, 2002, 2005. DVD.

La Patagonia rebelde . Osvaldo Bayer, Fernando Ayala, Héctor Olivera. Cinema Guild, 1974, 1987. VHS.

La pelicula del rey.  Carlos Sorin.  Facets Video, 1985, 2004.  DVD.

Pizza, beer & smokes / Pizza birra faso . Adrian Caetano, Bruno Stagnaro. Cinemateca, Facets Video, 1998, 2005. DVD.

Plata quemada / Burnt money . Ricardo Piglia, Marcelo Piñeyro. Tornasol Films, S.A. 2000, 2002. DVD.

Saturday / Sabado . Juan Villegas. Cinemateca, Facets Video, 2001, 2006. DVD.

Señora de nadie / Nobody’s wife . María Luisa Bemberg. Gea Cinematográfica S.R.L., Facets Multimedia, 1982, 2003. DVD.

A shadow you soon will be / Una sombra ya pronto serás . Osvaldo Soriano, Hector Olivera. Aries Cinematográfica Argentina, 1994, 2002. DVD.

Los siete locos . Roberto Arlt. Cinematográficas Litóral, S.A., Facets Video, 1972, 1996. VHS.

Sol de otoño / Autumn sun . Eduardo Mignogna, Santiago C. Oves. INCAA, Capitol Entertainment, 1996, 1999. DVD.

Suddenly . Diego Lerman. Instituto Nacional de Cinematografia y Artes Audiovisuales, Empire Pictures Home Entertainment, 2002. DVD.

The take. Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis. First Run / Icarus Films, 2004. VHS.

Tango . Carlos Saura. Pandora Cinema, 1998. DVD.

Time for revenge . Adolfo Aristarain, Hector Olivera. Aries Cinematográfica Argentina. 1983. VHS. Spanish title: Tiempo de revancha.

The traitors.   Raymundo Gleyzer.  Gleyzer Films, Facets Video, 1965-1972, 2007.  DVD.

Ultimas imágenes del naufragio / Last images of the shipwreck . Eliseo Subiela. Cinemateca, Cinequanon, Televisión Española, 2985, 2003. DVD.

El viaje [videorecording] / Cinesur; Les films du sud; con la produccion de Envar El Kadri y Djamila Olivesi; un film escrito, producida y realizado por Fernando E. Solanas; guion y direccion, Fernando E. Solanas. Ennetbaden [Switzerland]: Trigon-film, [2007]. DVD; PAL format; 1.66:1 aspect ratio.

Las vidas posibles = Possible lives. New York: Global Film Initiative, [2007]. DVD. Shot amid majestic vistas and suffused with vibrant color and sexuality, director Sandra Gugliotta's feature is a haunting and suspenseful study of grief and letting go.

Yo, la peor de todas / I, the worst of all . María Luisa Bemberg, Octavio Paz. First Run Features, 1990, 2003. VHS, DVD.