Documentary films

O amor natural: gebaseerd op de erotiche poëeie van Carlos Drummond de Andrade . Heddy Honigmann. First Run Features, First Run/Icarus Films, 1996. VHS. Readings of and commentaries on the author’s erotic poems.

Atlántico negro: na rota dos Orixás / Black Atlantic : on the Orixás route . Renato Barbieri. Instituto Itaú Cultural Videografia, Filmakers Library, 2001. VHS. Traces African traditions to Brazil and back.

Amazon journal. Geoffrey O'Connor. Filmakers Library, 1995. VHS. Recent political events in the Brazilian Amazon.

Antonio Carlos Jobim: an all-star tribute. View Video, 1994. DVD.

Bahia: Africa in the Americas . Geovanni Brewer. University of California, Extension Media Center, 1981. VHS. Explores cultural continuum that links Africa and Brazil.

Banking on life & debt . Robert Richter. Maryknoll World Productions, 1995. VHS. Examines economic exploitation of children in three countries, including Brazil.

Brazil . John McCarthy, Geoff Dunlop. CTVC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2003, 2004. DVD. H ighlights the political initiatives taken by Catholics and evangelical Protestants in Brazil.

Brazil: an inconvenient history . BBC-TV, Seventh Art Productions, Filmakers Library, 2000. VHS. Charts Brazil’s history of black slavery using original texts, letters, accounts, and decrees with commentary.

Brazil : heart of South America . International Video Network, 1988. VHS. Images of Brazil.

Brazil in black and white: skin color and higher education.  Adam Stepan.  Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2007.  DVD.  New affirmative action quotas for higher education in Brazil launch a controversial dialogue about race and identity.

Brazil: priestesses, samba dancers, and mulattos of Brazil . Carmen Sarmiento. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1992, 2003. DVD. Examines life in Brazil through the eyes of its women.

Brazil : winning against AIDS . Bullfrog Films, 2001. VHS. Brazilian government’s national HIV/AIDS program.

The business of hunger . Robert Richter. Maryknoll World Productions, 1984. VHS. Western multinational corporations’ role in causing world hunger in four countries, including Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Carmen Miranda: bananas is my business . Helena Solbert. International Cinema, PBS, Channel 4 Television, National Latino Communications Center, 1996. VHS. Biography of the Brazilian actress.

Child labor in Brazil. Allison Prince. Showtime, 2003. DVD.

Cildo Meireles . Branka Bogdanov. Institute of Contemporary Art, 1997. VHS. Interview with the Brazilian artist and art critic.

Cine Mambembe: o cinema descobre o Brasil . Buriti Films, 1998. VHS. Two filmmakers journey to the interior of Brazil.

City life . Steve Bradshaw. Bullfrog Films, 2001. VHS. Follows Marta Suplicy, the mayor of São Paulo, Brazil to a variety of locations in the city.

Crisis in Brazil: a conversation with anthropologist Terence Turner . Don Lynn Productions, 1992. VHS. Discussion of films about Brazilian Indians’ opposition to the building of a dam.

Doing the right thing . Hilary Sandison. Bullfrog Films, 2001. VHS. Discusses the transformation of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Edificio master. [Brazil]: Videofilmes, 2002. DVD; NTSC; region 4. The daily lives and routine of 37 families living in a huge 12-story building in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

Emerging powers (volume 4: Brazil). Wall Street Journal Video, 1996. VHS. Examines Brazil’s economic development.

Favela rising . Jeff Zimbalist, Matt Mochary. HBO Documentary Films, 2005. DVD. About the Grupo Cultural AfroReggae.

The feast . Timothy Asch, Napoleón Chagnon. Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Documentary Educational Resources, 1970, 1990. VHS. Alliance formation between Yanomamo Indian villages in Brazil and Venezuela.

Festive land: Carnaval in Bahia . Carolina Moraes-Liu. University of California Extension, Center for Media and Independent Learning, 2001. V HS.

I am a child ! Miguel Schapira. International Labour Office, 1996, 2002. VHS. Child labor in three countries, including Brazil.

Iawo: initiation in a Gege-Nago temple . Moses Kondler, Geraldo Sarno. Cinema Guild, Latin American Film Project, 198?. VHS. Initiation of new priestesses of the Orisha cult in Brazil.

Irmãos de navio . Sergio Oksman. Musart Music, c2003. DVD. Jewish immigration to Brazil.

Jungle secrets . Vincent Carelli, Dominique Gallois. Centro de Trabalho Indigenista, 1998. VHS. Oyampi/Wayampi Indian stories enacted by tribe members.

The last of the hiding tribes: a record filmed over 30 years, 1967-1998 . Adrian Cowell. Nomad Films for Channel Four, Universidade Catolica de Goias, Bullfrog Films, 1999. VHS. Traces the history of three Brazilian tribes in the Amazon.

Marangmotxingmo mirang: from the Ikpeng children to the world. Watertown, MA: Documentary Educational Resources, 2007. Electronic reproduction. Alexandria, VA : Alexander Street Press, 2010. (Ethnographic video online). Four Ikpeng children introduce their village by answering a video-letter sent from children of Cuba's Sierra Maestra.

Mexico, the frozen revolution.   Macondo Cine, Gleyzer Films, Facets Video, 1964, 1966, 1971, 2007.  DVD.  Title film uses newsreel footage to connect the betrayal of the 1910 Mexican Revolution with the failure of revolution in Mexico.   Two additional films are “The land burns / La tierra quema” which exposes the inequities of land ownership in Brazil and “It happened in Hualfin / Ocurrido en Hualfin” which examines the generational cycle of poverty in Catamarca, Argentina.

Morayngava: the design of things. Watertown, MA: Documentary Educational Resources, 2007. Electronic reproduction. Alexandria, VA : Alexander Street Press, 2010. (Ethnographic video online). Recorded in the Asurini village of Koatinemo in January 1997. Documentary of the Shaman ceremony of the Asurini people of Brazil.

Moyngo, the dream of Maragareum. Watertown, MA: Documentary Educational Resources, 2007. Electronic reproduction. Alexandria, VA : Alexander Street Press, 2010. (Ethnographic video online). The Ikpeng community decides to act out the myth of the origin of the tattooing ceremony, creating this blend of documentary and fiction.

A negação do Brasil / Denying Brazil . Joel Zito Araújo. ArtMattan Productions, 2000. VHS. Analyzes race relations as portrayed in early Brazilian soap operas.

Ngune Elu: the day the moon menstruated. Watertown MA: Documentary Educational Resources, 2007. Electronic reproduction. Alexandria, VA : Alexander Street Press, 2010. (Ethnographic video online). Produced during a Video in the Villages workshop in the Kuikuro village of Ipatse (Indigenous Park of Xingu, Brazil). When an eclipse takes place during the workshop, the villagers explain in their own words what happens during an eclipse, when moon menstruates, and about the celebrations and rituals that take place.

Odô yá! : life with AIDS . Tânia Cypriano. Brazil Image, Vivai Pictures, Filmakers Library, 1997. VHS. Documentary on Brazilians with AIDS who have found solace in candomblé.

Op_era. [Brazil]: Itau Cultural, 2002. DVD. This DVD contains the documentation of OP_ERA. OP_ERA is a tool for multisensorial experimentation of space concepts.

Ori . Raquel Gerber, Beatriz Nascimento. Angra Filmes, Fundação do Cinema Brasileiro, Third World Newsreel. VHS. Black struggle for power, especially in Brazil.

Quilombo country.  Leonard Abrams.  Quilombo Films, 2006.  DVD.  Provides a portrait of rural communities in Brazil that were either founded by runaway slaves or begun from abandoned plantations.

O pecado da intolerância.  Joel Zito Araújo.  Instituto Nacional da Tradicao e Cultura Afro Brasileira/Centro de Estudos das Relações do Trabalho e Desigualdades, 2004.  DVD. Documentary on discrimination faced by practitioners of African religions in Brazil.

Radio Auriverde. Sylvio Back. Apel, 1990, 2001. VHS. Brazilian troops in WWII Italy.

The rainy season. Watertown, MA: Documentary Educational Resources, 2007. Electronic reproduction. Alexandria, VA : Alexander Street Press, 2010. (Ethnographic video online). A documentary on daily life during the rainy season in an Ashaninka village in the Brazilian state of Acre, made by Ashaninka filmmakers.

Roda viva. Luiz In̓acio Lula da Silva, Outubro, 2006.  Fundaçào Padre Anchieta, Cultura Marcas, 2006.  DVD.  Interview.

Roda viva . TV Cultura, 1980-. VHS. Television series includes interviews with Brazilian theater directors and producers, composers, singers, and authors.

O rap do Pequeno Principe contra as almas sebosas / The Little Prince's rap against the wicked souls . Paulo Calda, Marcelo Luna. RIOFILME, LAVA, 2002. VHS. Documentary about two young men and their hip-hop lifestyles in the Brazilian city of Recife, features performances by the rap group Faces do Suburbio.

Salve a Umbanda / Hail Umbanda . José Araújo. University of California Extension, Center for Media and Independent Learning, 1986. VHS. Documentary about Brazil’s fastest growing religion.

Samba: on your feet . Eduardo Montes-Bradley. Filmakers Library, 2005? DVD. History of the samba.

Saudade do futuro . Marie-Clémence et Cesar Paes. Laterit Productions, Cobra Films, 2001. DVD. Dreaming of a better life, migrants from the northeast of Brazil speak about the city of São Paulo.

Segredos da mata / Jungle secrets . Centro de Trabalho Indigenista, 1998. VHS. Brazilian Indian stories.

The shape of water . Kum-Kum Bhavnani. 2006. DVD. Stories of women who are political activists, including one in Brazil.

The spirit of samba: black music of Brazil . Jeremy Marre. Shanachie Records Corp, 2000. DVD. Explores various styles of Brazilian music.

The spirit of TV . Vincent Carelli, Dominque Gallois. Centro de Trabalho Indigenista, Latin American Video Archives, 1990. VHS. Shows how Wayampi Indians have used video to communicate.

Tem que ser curioso / One has to be curious . Caimi Waiassé. Centro de Trabalho Indigenista, LAVA, 1996. VHS. Brazilian Indian films his village and travels to Bolivia to share his images and experiences.

Terra de negro. Programa Raízes, 2003. VHS. History and life of black population of Pará.

Theatre of the oppressed: Augusto Boal in Belfast. Northern Visions, 2000. DVD.

Video in the Villages . Vincent Carelli. Centro de Trabalho Indigenista, 1989. VHS. Describes the work of the video project in the Amazon.

Vista minha pele.  Centro de Estudos das Relações de Trabalho e Desigualdades, 2003.  DVD.  A two-part presentation designed to provoke discussion on racism and prejudice against Afro-Brazilians.

Without fear of being happy / Sem medo de ser feliz.  Cinema Guild, 1994.  VHS.  The documentary interviews members of the Partido dos Trabalhadores-PT and includes archival footage of PT events and demonstrations.

Yndio do Brasil . Silvio Back. Riofilme, Sagres, Usina de Kino, 1969, 1996. VHS. Shows how domestic and foreign films have portrayed Brazilian Indians since they were first filmed in 1912.

Feature Films

Alma corsária . Sara Silveira, Carlos Reichenbach. Dezenove Som e Imagens, Facets Video, 1993, 1996. VHS.

Amarelo manga.  Cláudio Assis.  First Run Features, 2002, 2005.  DVD.

Amor bandido / Beloved lover . Bruno Barreto. Fox Lorber Home Video, 1981, 1991. VHS.

Bye, bye, Brazil . Bruno Barreto. 1980. VHS.

Capitalismo selvagem / Savage capitalism . André Klotzel. Chicago Latino Cinema, Facets Video, 1993, 1994. VHS.

Capitu. Sao Paulo: Globo Marcas, 2008-2009. DVD. An adaptation of Machado de Assis's novel "Dom Casmurro."

Carandiru . Hector Babenco, Drauzio Varella. Sony Pictures Classics, HB Films, Columbia TriStar Do Brasil, Globo Films, BR Petrobras 2003, 2004. DVD.

A casa das sete mulheres. Rio de Janeiro: Som Livre: Globo Video, c2003. 5 DVDs. Seven women living in rural Brazil during the Revolution of the Farrapos (1835-1845) undergo their own trials and tribulations as they wait for their men to return.

A causa secreta. Manaus: Versatil Home Video, c2010. DVD. A troupe of actors wanders the town witnessing human suffering and apathy.

Central Station . Walter Salles. RIOFILME, Columbia TriStar Home Video, 1998, 1999. DVD.

O céu de Suely.  Karim Aïnouz.  Strand Releasing, 2006, 2008.  DVD.

Cidade de Deus / City of God . Paulo Lins, Fernando Meirelles. 02 Filmes, Miramax, 2003. DVD.

Cidade dos homens.  Palm Pictures, 2006.  DVD. Originally produced as 19 episodes of the television program "Cidade dos homens" between 2002-2005.

Cidade dos homens.  Paulo Morelli.  Fox Films, Globe Filmes,  2007.  DVD.

Cinema, aspirinas e urubus. [San Francisco, CA]: Global Film Initiative; [Brooklyn, NY]: First Run Features [distributor], [2007]. DVD. During World War II, Ranulpho hitches a ride with Johan, an aspirin salesman running from the German draft.

Cobra Verde . Werner Herzog. Anchor Bay Entertainment, 1987, 2000. DVD.

Como era gostoso o meu francês / How tasty was my little Frenchman . Nelson Pereira dos Santos. New Yorker Video, 1995. VHS.

Deus e o diabo na terra do sol / Black god, white devil . Glauber Rocha. Copacabana Filmes, Facets Video, 1964, 1995, 2003. VHS, DVD.

Doña Flor and her two husbands . Bruno Barreto, Jorge Amado. Carnival Films, Fox/Lorber Home Video, 1994. VHS.

Four days in September . Bruno Barreto, Lucy Barreto. Pandora Cinema, Miramax Films, 1997, 2003. DVD.

Grande Sertao Veredas. [Brazil]: Globo Marcas, 2009. 4 DVDs. Based on the classic book Grande Sertão Veredas.

Guerre conjugale = Conjugal warfare. [Brazil?]: Filmes do Serro; [Paris]: Carlotta Films, [2007]. DVD9 (PAL; Region 2). Many stories revolving around a poor couple who, in spite of hating each other, still live together under the same roof.

O homen do ano / The man of the year . Rubem Fonseca, José Henrique Fonseca, Patrícia Melo. Film Movement, 2003, 2005. DVD.

L'homme du bois Bresil. [Brazil?]: Filmes do Serro; [Paris]: Carlotta Films, [2007]. DVD9 (PAL; Region 2). Fantasy comedy about Brazilian writer Oswald de Andrade, one of the most important icons of Modernism in Brazil.

The house of sand / Casa de areia . Andrucha Waddington. Globo Filmes, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2005, 2006. DVD.

A hora da estrela / The hour of the star . Eliane Bandeira, Suzana Amaral, Alfredo Oroz, Clarice Lispector. Kino on Video, 1986, 1987. VHS.

Luzia Homem . Fábio Barreto, Domingos Olimpio. Embrafilme, 1988, 1991. VHS.

Macunaima. [Paris]: Carlotta Films, [2007]. DVD9; PAL; region 2. Macunaima is a black native from the forests of Brazil in this satirical comedy. When he bathes in a magic stream, he is turned into a white man.

Macunaíma.  Joaquim Pedro de Andrade.  VideoFilmes, 1969, 2006.  DVD.

Madame Sata . Isabel Diegues. Video Filmes, Wellspring Media, 2002, 2004. DVD.

Memórias do cárcere / Memoirs of prison . Lucy and Luiz Carlos Barreto, Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Graciliano Ramos. Regina Filmes, International Home Cinema, 1984, 1986. VHS.

Mutum. New York: Global Film Initiative, 2007. DVD; NTSC; Region All. In the rural countryside of Brazil, the boy Thiago lives in a simple house in an isolated area with his brutal but hardworking father; his submissive mother; his comrade uncle; his grandmother and his four siblings.

O casamento de Romeu x Julieta.  Bruno Barreto.  Filmes do Equador, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2004.  DVD.

Orfeu . Carlos Diegues, Caetano Veloso, Vinicius de Moraes. Rio Vermelho Filmes Ltda., Globo Filmes, New Yorker Video, 1999, 2002. DVD.

Orfeu negro / Black Orpheus . Marcel Camus, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes. Lopert Films, Inc., Criterion Collection, 1959, 1999. DVD. Extended international version with special features.

O outro lado da rua.  Marcos Bernstein.  Strand Releasing Home Video, 2004, 2005.  DVD.

O quinto dos infernos. Brasil TV Globo [produção] 2002 Rio de Janeiro Somlivre [distribuição] 2002. 4 DVDs.

Pixote . Hector Babenco. New Yorker Video, 1981 VHS , 2001 DVD.

Le pretre et la jeune femme. [Brazil?]: Filmes do Serro; [Paris]: Carlotta Films, [2007]. DVD (PAL; Region 2). In a small town in Minas Gerais, the arrival of a young priest causes a commotion in the conservative atmosphere of the place.

O primo Basilio. [Brazil]: Globo Marcas DVD: Som Livre, 2007. DVD 9; all regions. Arriving from London, Basílio falls in love with his cousin Luísa, in Lisbon.

Quase dois irmãos.  Lúcia Murat.  First Run Features, Global Film Initiative, 2004, 2007.  DVD.

Quilombo . Augusto Arraes, Carlos Diegues. New Yorker Video, 1984, 1991. VHS.

Terra em transe.  Glauber Rocha.  Versátil Home Video, 1967, 2006.  DVD.

Veias e vinhos: uma história brasileira.  João Batista de Andrade.  Oeste Filmes, 2006.  DVD.

XICA . Carlos Diegues. Embrafilme, New Yorker Video, 1993. VHS.