Documentary films

Between midnight and the rooster's crow.  Nadja Drost.  Rocinante Productions, First Run/Icarus Films, 2005.  DVD.  Documents the environmental and social impact the EnCana corporation has had on the country of Ecuador.

Chaupi Tutapi Pacarimun: amanece en la mitad de la noche. CONAIE, 1994. VHS. Indigenous movements.

Ecuador : the Indian women . Carmen Sarmiento. Video Spots and Associates, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1992, 1997. VHS. Women of Latin America series, women’s lives in Ecuador.

El levantamiento indígena—48 June 1990 . Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador (CONAIE), Centro de Estudios y Difusión Social, 1990. VHS. Indian protest in Ecuador in 1990.

Imágenes impresionantes: el levantamiento indigena-militar ecuatoriano / Remarkable images : the Ecuadorian indigenous-military uprising. CONAIE, LAVA, 2000. VHS. Events surrounding January 21, 2000 protests.

Journey of the roses . Filmakers Library, 2006. DVD.Exposé on the Ecuadorian rose industry.

Movilización por la vida . Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador (CONAIE), 1995. VHS. Documentary on events leading up to the implementation of Ecuador’s agrarian reform law.

Movimiento indígena ecuatoriano: luchas locales, resistencias globales. Instituto de Estudios Ecuatorianos, CLACSO, 2004. VHS. Interviews with Ecuadorian indigenous leaders.

Proyecto de ley agraria integral . Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador (CONAIE), 1994. VHS. Land reform in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Shaman of the Andes . Steve Ford, Peter Coyote. Big Mountain Films, 2003. DVD. Life of an Ecuadorian shaman.

Tarjeta roja. New York, NY: Third World Newsreel, 2007. DVD. This documentary tackles the issues surrounding black soccer players in Ecuador, and the discrimination and racism they suffer.

Trinkets and beads . Christopher Walker. First Run/Icarus Films, 1996. VHS. Ecuadorian Indian tribe’s interactions with foreign oil companies.

What in the world? Ruth Meehan. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004, 2005. DVD. Episodes filmed in Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua discuss what globalization has meant to the people of those countries.

 Feature Films

Como voy a olvidarte / How can I forget you?  Vanguard Latino, 2004, 2005.  DVD.

Cuando me toque a mi = My time will. New York: Global Film Initiative, [2008]. DVD. A predawn murder sets in motion a series of interlocking tragedies that eventually find their way to the city morgue's brooding Dr. Arturo Fernandez.

Entre Marx y una mujer desnuda . Camilo Luzuriaga, Jorge Enrique Adoum. Grupo Cine, 1995. VHS

Ratas, ratones, rateros. Sebastían Cordero, Isabel Davalos. Cabezahueca Producciones Independientes, Vanguard Cinema, 1999, 2001. DVD.

Un titan en el ring  / A titan with the ring.  Vanguard Latino, 2002, 2004.  DVD.