El Salvador

 Documentary films

The battle for El Salvador . WGBH, Frontline, 1985. VHS. U.S. involvement in the civil war.

Be a patriot, kill a priest.  Filmakers Library, 2001, 2008.  DVD.  Using interviews and old footage, the film follows the civil war in El Salvador and the role of the Church in it.

Carta de Morazan: la campaña militar Comandante Gonzalo. Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, 1982, 2003. VHS. Military actions of the FDR/FMLN in the civil war.

Dateline, San Salvador.  Media Action Group, 1986. VHS.  On May 1, 1986, 80,000 Salvadorians, in protest of their conditions, marched the street of their capital demanding an end to the war. This video documents this historic march.

Denial.  Icarus Films,1994.  DVD. The story of the massacre at El Mozote on December 11, 1981.

18 with a bullet.  Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 2006.  DVD.  Presents the reality of gang life in El Salvador.

El embajador.  Innsikt, 200?  DVD.  Looks at the role of John D. Negroponte in various American covert counterrevolutionary operations in Central America, with particular emphasis on El Salvador and Honduras.

El Salvador : another Vietnam . Glenn Silber, Tete Vasconcellos. First Run/Icarus Films, 1981, 1998. VHS. Examination of the civil war in El Salvador as influenced by U.S. military and economic aid to Central America since 1948.

Esta esperanza . Richard Breyer. W & B Productions, Filmakers Library, 199-. VHS. Discusses the civil war in El Salvador.

Following Antigone . EEAF-Witness Video Production, 2002. VHS. Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team investigations in Argentina and El Salvador.

The houses are full of smoke . Allan Francovich. Circle Films, LAVA, 1987. VHS. In three parts discusses U.S. involvement in the civil wars in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua in the 1980s.

If the mango tree could speak.  New Day Films, 1993, 200?  DVD.  Portrays ten boys and girls growing up in the midst of war in Guatemala and El Salvador.

An interview with commander Fermán Cienfuegos, member of the general command of the F.M.L.N. 1988. VHS.

Justice and the generals . Gail Pellet. First Run/Icarus Films, 2002. VHS. Follows trial in the U.S. of Salvadoran officials involved in the murders of four church women in El Salvador in December 1980.

Making the news fit . Beth Sanders. 1987. DVD. Examines U.S. media coverage of the war in El Salvador.

La manzana azul.  Tomás Guevara.  Ángulos Filme, 2006.  DVD.  Documentary on Salvadoran author and artist Salvador Salazar Arrué, who went by the name Salarrué.

Maria’s story: a portrait of love and survival in El Salvador’s civil war . Camino Film Projects, Filmakers Library, 1990. VHS. Documentary on life of María Serrano, leader in the FMLN.

Las mejores pupusas del mundo; Santuario. Universidad de El Salvador, 2003? DVD. First film looks at El Salvador’s national dish, the second examines the civil war’s effect on the national university.

1932, cicatríz de la memoria . Jeffrey Gould, Carlos Henríquez Consalvi. El Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, 2002. VHS. Memories from the survivors of the “Matanza” in indigenous communities in western El Salvador and film clips of the period.

El Salvador : not for sale! / El Salvador: no se vende! CISPES, 1997. VHS. Impact of the global economy on the people of El Salvador.

Scars of memory.  El Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen San Salvador, Icarus Films, 2002.  DVD.  On the 1932 revolt and its suppression in El Salvador.

Stories from Cuscatlán . Manlio Argueta, Jane Ryder, Peter Chappell. Maya Films in association with Channel Four Television, WDR Kōln, La SEPT, RAI TRE, IKON TV, Icarus Films, 1989. VHS. Stories of those who have moved from the countryside to San Salvador.

Testimony: the María Guardado story . Randy Vásquez. High Valley Productions, LAVA, 2001. VHS. Salvadoran activist’s involvement in the civil war and afterwards.

Tiempo de victoria: El Salvador, ocho años de guerra.  Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, 200-.  DVD.  Digital restoration of a film originally made by Sistema Radio Venceremos.

Voces inocentes . Luis Mandoki. 20th Century Fox, 2004, 2005. DVD.

Feature Films

Romero. John Duigan. Paulist Pictures, Trimark Home Video, 1989, 2000. DVD.

Salvador . Oliver Stone. Polygram Video, 1985, 1991. VHS.

Trampa para un gato.  Manuel de Pedro.  Amazonia Films, 1998, 200-.  DVD.

Voces inocentes . Luis Mandoki . 20th Century Fox, 2004, 2005. DVD.