Documentary films

Aportaciones de los pueblos indígenas a una cultura de paz: Rigoberta Menchú Tum en la Universidad de Colima . Fundación Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Universidad de Colima,1996. VHS. Speech presented on April 26, 1996.

El archivo.   Procurador de Derechos Humanos, 2006.  DVD.  Documentary on the archives of Guatemala's Policía Nacional.

Así es Guatemala . Orlando García Prieto. Océano, 1999? VHS. Guatemalan travelogue.

Brujo . Claudine Viallon. 1978. L ibrary use only. Shamanism among the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico and two Mayan Indian groups in southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Caminos del silencio.  Cinema Guild, 1988, 2006.  DVD.  Presents a testimony of the daily life of the thousands of Indians persecuted by the Guatemalan army, of their social organizations, and of their struggle for dignity and the right to live

Las CPR de la Sierra: historia de su traslado. CPR-Sierra, 1999. VHS. The Comunidades de Población en Resistencia.

Central America : the burden of time . Michael Wood. Maryland Public Television, Ambrose Video Publishing, 1992. VHS. Discusses Teotihuacán and Tenochtitlán in Mexico; various Mayan sites in Mexico and Guatemala and Copán in Honduras; and has extensive information on Indian rituals in Chichicastenango.

Los civilizadores: Alemanes en Guatemala.  Uli Stelzner, Thomas Walther.   ISKA, 1998, 200-.  DVD. 

Chichicastenango . 1987. VHS. Quiché Indian religious ceremonies.

Coyote. Hamilton, NJ: Films Media Group, [2009]. Recorded DVD; may  not play on all DVD players. For guidance northward, illegal immigrants from Latin America frequently enlist mercenary escorts known as "coyotes." This program examines one such charming and unseemly figure and the three Guatemalans who have placed their trust in him.

Crimes against humanity: the search for justice . BBC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1998. VHS. Documents human rights abuses and efforts to find justice and reconciliation, including in Argentina, Chile, and Guatemala.

Devils don't dream!  First Run/Icarus Films, 1995.  DVD.  An examination of the rise to power, election, overthrow and exile of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán.

Dirty secrets: Jennifer, Everardo & the CIA in Guatemala.  New Day Films, 1998.  DVD.

Discovering Dominga . Patricia Flynn, Mary Jo McConahay. Jaguar House Films, Independent Television Service, KQED-TV, University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, 2002. VHS. Woman, survivor as a child of a Guatemalan massacre, returns as advocate for other survivors.

Estrellas de La Línea: cuando la victoria es sobrevivir.  Producciones Sin un Duro, 2006.  DVD.  A gang of Guatemalan hookers forms a soccer team to champion women's rights.

Forging peace in Guatemala . Gayla Jamison. Lightfoot Films, Inc., Catholic Communication Campaign, Filmes for the Humanities & Sciences, 2002. VHS. Presents portraits of three Mayan women and their efforts towards restoring peace after a 36-year civil war in Guatemala.

El futuro es nuestro, el presente es de lucha / Comité de Unidad Campesino (CUC) . Productora Comunicarte, 2003. VHS. Documents 25 years of the CUC’s struggle for land rights and an end to human rights abuses.

Goodbye baby: adoptions from Guatemala.  New Day Films, 2005.  DVD.

Guatemala silenced . Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1997. VHS. Women of Latin America series, life in Guatemala through the eyes of its women.

La guatemalidad.  Asociación Comunicarte, 2005.  DVD.  Explores the ethnic diversity of Guatemala.

Haunted land / Le pays hanté, la palabra desenterrada . Mary Ellen Davis. Productions B'alba, Cinema Guild, 2001. VHS. Survivor returns to site of 1982 massacre in Petanac, Guatemala.

The houses are full of smoke . Allan Francovich. Circle Films, LAVA, 1987. VHS. In three parts discusses U.S. involvement in the civil wars in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua in the 1980s.

If the mango tree could speak.  New Day Films, 1993, 200?  DVD.  Portrays ten boys and girls growing up in the midst of war in Guatemala and El Salvador.

La isla: archivos de una tragedia. Berlin: ISKA, c2010. DVD. In Guatemala, at the end of the 20th century, army and police killed and abducted hundreds and thousands of people, but the unprecedented genocide in America's modern history goes unpunished.

Latin American trails: Guatemala . Arile F. Zapata. Facets Video, 1996. VHS. Examines the history, music, textiles, culture, art, architecture, theater, and people of Guatemala.

Legado de identidad Maya / Legacy of Mayan identity.  Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena, 1993, 1994, 2006.  DVD.  Three documentary short films on various aspects of Mayan life and culture.

The long road home: the odyssey of a young Mayan refugee from Guatemala.  New Day Films, 2002.  DVD.

The man we called Juan Carlos . Heather MacAndrew, David Springbett. Bullfrog Films, 2000. VHS. Explores the life of a Mayan farmer from Guatemala who becomes a guerrilla leader.

Maya heritage in Guatemala. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2005. DVD. Examines the lives and lifestyles of the descendents of the ancient Mayans in present-day Guatemala.

A Mayan trilogy: life, death & migration: three films.  Icarus Films, 2008?  DVD. Three documentaries on the social conditions of the Guatemalan Indians in Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Guatemala and the United States.

Meta Mayan . Edwin Velez. WNET, Electronic Arts Intermix, 1981. VHS. Portrait of Guatemala, its people, and the political upheaval.

Morir para ganar la vida: la masacre de Panzós . Boris Hernández, Quillapayun. Asociación Familiares de Detenidos-Desaparecidos de Guatemala (FAMDEGUA), 1999. VHS. Describes the events leading to the massacre of Quiché Indians and the resulting search to bring those responsible to justice.

A new fire lights our way . Randal Shea. Support Project for the Rehabilitation and Sustainability of the Ixcán Municipality, Asociación Comunicarte, 2003. VHS. Discusses the gender inequalities of daily life for women in Guatemala.

No podemos quedarnos callados: justicia por genocidio. Boris Hernández. Asociación Comunicarte, 2002. VHS. Attempts of Guatemalan people to reconcile with the violence of the early 1980s.

Oj K'aslik = Estamos vivos. Boris Hernández. Asociación Comunicarte, 2003. VHS. Examines political violence against the Achi Indians in Rabinal.

Ojalá:  la esperanza de una nueva tierra ; Romper el cerco:  refugiados de una guerra escondida.  Uli Stelzner, Thomas Walther. ISKA, 1992, 1994, 200-.  DVD.  Two films document the situation of Guatemala refugees first in Mexico and then after their return to Guatemala.

La otra piel. [Guatemala?]: Producciones CANEK; [Cuba?]: Del Pensativo, 2009. DVD. Various women of different social backgrounds are interviewed and tell the story of social and political change in Guatemala.

Para que no se repita: recomendaciones del informe Guatemala Memoria del Silencia . Fondo de Apoyo Democrático, Productora Comunicarte, 2001. VHS. Based on the work and recommendations of the Comisión para el Esclarescimiento Histórico.

Para que no se repita. Boris Hernández. Productora Comunicarte, 2001. VHS. The Comisión de Esclarecimiento Histórico.

La pasión de Chichupac. AK’KUTAN, 2004. DVD. Commemorates 1982 massacre.

Popol vuh. Watertown, MA: Documentary Educational Resources, c2007. Electronic reproduction. Alexandria, VA: Alexander Street Press, 2010. (Ethnographic video online). Available via World Wide Web. This animated short from Chile tells the tale of creation based on 'Popul vuh: the ancient stories of the Quiche,' written by the iindigenous Maya Quiche people after the Spanish Conquest.

Popul vuh: sacred book of the Quiché Mayas. Patricia Amlin. Berkeley Media, 1989. DVD.

Precarious peace: God and Guatemala . Gateway Films, Vision Films, 2003. VHS. Explores the Guatemalan peace process, past and present, and the complicated role that religion plays.

Raoul Léger: the elusive truth . Renée Blanchar. National Film Board of Canada, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2003. VHS. Story of Canadian lay minister murdered in Guatemala.

Refugiados fuimos, Guatemaltecos somos. Boris Hernández. Productora Comunicarte, 1999. VHS. Looks at Guatemalan refugees in Mexico during the war and their return to Guatemala.

Refugiados fuimos, Guatemaltecos somos: la historia de los refugiados en México, y su retorno a Guatemala . Productora Comunicarte, 1999. VHS. Displacement and resettlement of Guatemalan war refugees.

Rigoberta Menchu. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c2004. DVD. Menchú, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and other international awards, talks about her life both at home and in exile, her autobiography, her associations with the Committee of the Peasant Union and The United Representation of the Guatemalan Opposition, and other topics.

Rigoberta Menchú: Cassandra and crusader . Eliseo Alvarez. A & A Comunicaciones, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2002. VHS. Television interview.

The short life of José Antonio Gutiérrez . Heidi Specogna, Erika Harzer. Cinema Guild, 2006. VHS. The story of the Guatemalan immigrant and former homeless street child who became the first American soldier killed in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Sipakapa no se vende / Sipakapa qal k'o pirk'ey xik.  Caracol Producciones, 2005.  DVD. Maya of the municipality of Sipakapa, San Marcos Dept., Guatemala, protest the exploitation of their mineral resources and the environmental damage done by Glamis Gold, Ltd.  This edition has no English subtitles.

Sipakapa no se vende / Sipakapa is not for sale / Sipakapa qal k'o pirk'ey xik.  Caracol Producciones , Third World Newsreel, 2007.  DVD.  Maya of the municipality of Sipakapa, San Marcos Dept., Guatemala, protest the exploitation of their mineral resources and the environmental damage done by Glamis Gold, Ltd.  This edition has English subtitles.

The sky: a silent witness . Midge Mackenzie. Amnesty International, Women Make Movies, 1996. VHS. Denial of women’s rights throughout the world, including Guatemala.

Trabajadoras y trabajadores de maquila por un trabajo digno y justo. Productora Comunicarte, 2000. VHS. Workers in the garment industry.

Traficantes de verdades. Grégory Lassalle. TDM OKO ZA OKO, 2004. VHS. Details findings of the Comisión de Esclarecimiento Histórico.

Veinte años de lucha. Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo, 2004. VHS.

What in the world? Ruth Meehan. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004, 2005. DVD. Episodes filmed in Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua discuss what globalization has meant to the people of those countries.

 Feature Films

La casa de enfrente = The house in front. [Guatemala]: Casa Comal Cine, c2005. DVD. Angel confronts two moral dilemmas; while performing an audit, he discovers the deviation of millions in state funds and just before he is to marry, he meets an engaging prostitute.

Las Cruces: poblado próximo.  Casa Comal, 2006.  DVD.

El norte.  Gregory Nava.  Criterion Collection, 1983, 2008.  DVD.

El norte / The North.   Gregory Nava.  Force Video, 1983, 200?.  DVD.

El silencio de Neto / The silence of Neto. Luis Argueta, Justo Chang. Morningside Movies, Inc., Left Bank Cinema, 1998. VHS.