Latin America in General

Documentary films

Americas . WGBH Boston, Channel 4, Annenberg/CPB Collection, 1993. VHS. Multi-volume set looks at contemporary Latin America.

Americas in transition . Obie Benz. First Run/Icarus Films, 1981, 199-. VHS. Focuses on American military intervention in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and El Salvador.

Before Columbus . Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1993. VHS. Indians of the Americas present their side of the “discovery.”

Beyond elections: redefining democracy in the Americas.  PM Press, 2008.  DVD.

The buried mirror: reflections on Spain and the New World . Carlos Fuentes. Sogitel in association with the Smithsonian Institution and Quinto Centenario Espana, Public Media Video, 1991. VHS. Documentary on the various ethnic groups in Latin America.

Burt Wolf: what we eat . Acorn Associates, 2002. DVD. 12-part series on the post-Columbus linking of the Old and New Worlds and its impact on food, including corn, coffee, chocolate, potatoes, and sugar.

Columbus and the age of discovery . WGBH/Boston, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1991. VHS. Discovery and exploration of the Americas.

Columbus didn’t discover us: native people’s perspectives on the Columbus legacy . Robbie Leppzer. Turning Tide Productions, 1992. VHS. Indians from North, Central, and South America discuss the impact of the Columbus legacy at a conference of indigenous peoples held in Ecuador in 1990.

Conquistadors.  PBS Home Video, 2001, 2006.  DVD.  The exploration of the Americas by Spanish soldier-explorers.

Deadly mistakes? Bullfrog Films, 2005. DVD. Includes discussions of U.S. foreign policy in a number of Latin American countries.

Death squadrons: the French school . Marie Monique Robin. First Run/Icarus, 2003. VHS. Documents the involvement of the French military in Operation Condor, an organization established by South American dictators in 1975 to exterminate their political opponents.

Discovering the music of Latin America . Educational Video Network, 1966, 199? VHS. Historical summary.

Fronteras . Paul Espinosa. KPBS, 1982. VHS. Selected programs from the KPBS series that are related to Latin American topics.

The gringo in mañanaland: a musical . DeeDee Halleck. 1995. VHS. Montage of U.S.-produced films about Latin America from silent films to 1995.

HemiScope. Special edition 2008.  UCSD-TV, 2008.  DVD.

HemiScope . UCSD-TV, 1997-1999. VHS. Episodes from the series.

Hidden in plain sight. John H. Smihula. Raven’s Call Production, 2003. VHS. U.S. foreign policy in Latin America seen through the activities of the controversial military School of the Americas.

It's a dictatorship, eat! Carlos Anzaldua. 1983. DVD. Looks at the packaging of the news media with regard to the U.S. involvement in Central America.

Latin America's challenges to U.S. domination: an interview with Noam Chomsky . Z Video Productions, c2006. DVD.

Latin American women artists: 1915-1995 . Eric Marciano. American Montage, Inc., Hourglass Productions, 1995, 2003. VHS. Comprehensive history of art by women in Latin America throughout the twentieth century.

Literatura, exilio y democracia en América Latina. 1984. VHS. Discussions involving many Latin American authors.

The Mesoamerican cultural code.  Cinema Guild, 1996.  DVD.  Three-part series examines different social aspects of the cultures of Mesoamerica.

School of the Americas, school of assassins. Lawrence Rich, Robert Richter. Richter Productions, Maryknoll World Productions, 1994. VHS. Describes the military training the United States provides Latin American countries and how it has been used.

Spanish empire in the new world . National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Educational Video Network, Inc., [1994?]. VHS. History of Spanish conquest in western hemisphere.

Telenovelas: love, TV, and power . Alexandre Valenti. Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2001. VHS. Examines the cultural impact of the telenovela and its influence on Latin American politics.