Documentary films

Buena Vista Social Club . William Wenders, Ry Cooder. Artisan Entertainment, 1999. DVD. Mid-twentieth century Cuban musicians re-discovered.

Candombe . Carlos Páez Vilaró. Mística Producciones, LAVA, 2002. VHS. The history of the Uruguayan music that traces its roots to African slaves.

El corrido de la revolución mexicana . Emilio Larrosa, I gnacio López Tarso . Dirección General de Radio, Televisión y Cinematografía, Televisa, Films for the Humanities, 1983, 1991. VHS. Music of the Mexican revolution of the early twentieth century.

Discovering the music of Latin America . Educational Video Network, 1966, 199? VHS. Historical summary.

Great day in Havana . Laurie Ann Schag, Casey Stoll. Cinembargo Films, Facets Video, 2001, 2003. DVD. Celebration of artists and musicians in Havana.

Magic Music presents un documental de Santiago Alvarez, Ismael Perdono: la isla de música . Santiago Alvarez, Ismael Perdomo. Latin American Video Archives, 1998. VHS. History of Cuban popular music.

Oggun: an eternal presence . Center for Cuban Studies, 1991, 1993. VHS. Cuban folk music and dances.

Pasajero: a journey of time and memory . Ricardo Braojos, Eugene Rodriguez. Rústicas Producciones de Bramaro Films, Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center , 2004. DVD. Examines the roots of mariachi music.

O rap do Pequeno Principe contra as almas sebosas / The Little Prince's rap against the wicked souls . Paulo Calda, Marcelo Luna. RIOFILME, LAVA, 2002. VHS. Documentary about two young men and their hip-hop lifestyles in the Brazilian city of Recife, features performances by the rap group Faces do Suburbio.

The right to live in peace . Carmen Luz Parot. Fundación Víctor Jara, Warner Music Chile, Latin American Video Archives, 1999, 2001. VHS. The life and work of the Chilean folk singer, Víctor Jara, murdered by government forces in the aftermath of the 1973 coup.

Rituales sonoros: Candombe / Ritual rhythms: Candombe . Mabel Maio. MG Producciones, LAVA, 1999. VHS. Highlights candombe, the African influenced music and dance of the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina and Uruguay.

Roots of rhythm . Les Blank. PBS, New Video Group, 1989, 2001. DVD. Programs include one on Spanish and African origins of Latin American music and another on Cuban popular music.

The spirit of samba: black music of Brazil . Jeremy Marre. Shanachie Records Corp, 2000. DVD. Explores various styles of Brazilian music.

Sworn to the drum: a tribute to Francisco Aguabella . Les Blank. Flower Films, 1995. VHS. Biography of Afro-Cuban drummer.

Tex-Mex: the music of the Texas-Mexican borderlands . Shanachie Records Corp, 1982. VHS. Popular border music.