U.S. Presidential Elections

2008 Presidential Election

Joe Biden Democrat withdrew January 3, 2008
Hillary Rodham Clinton Democrat suspended campaign, June 7, 2008
Chris Dodd Democrat withdrew January 3, 2008
John Edwards Democrat withdrew January 30, 2008
Rudy Giuliani Republican withdrew January 30, 2008
Mike Gravel


switched to Libertarian Party, March 26, 2008

Mike Huckabee Republican withdrew March 4, 2008
Duncan Hunter Republican withdrew January 19, 2008
Alan Keyes


switched to Constitution Party, April 15, 2008

Dennis Kucinich Democrat withdrew January 24, 2008
John McCain Republican
Barack Obama Democrat
Ron Paul Republican
Bill Richardson Democrat withdrew January 14, 2008
Mitt Romney Republican withdrew February 7, 2008
Fred Thompson Republican withdrew January 22, 2008

Web Portals

US Presidential Election 2008, from Congresspedia

Elections 2008: created by the University of Michigan Document Center, is a comprehensive web site on 2008 presidential elections. The page is organized by background information, candidates, campaign and political issues.

Nationmaster.com Encyclopedia > U.S. presidential election, 2008: U.S. presidential election 2008: provides information on the timeline of the elections, electoral college, the candidate's career history, historical presidential elections and more.

Race for the White House George Washington University: links to various news sources, information on electoral vote of individual states, bios of each candidate etc.

Wikipedia presidential election, 2008: coverage of the 2008 election including timeline, important dates, and information on all candidates.

News & Analysis

Associated Press Presidential Elections news wire

Face the Candidates on YouTube: You Choose '08: Compilation of YouTube videos featuring the 2008 U.S. presidential election candidates. Browsable by candidate or by issue.

Minnesota E-Democracy: provides links to major media sources, non-profit and government resources, and other discussion group, voting information, and opinion polls directories.

Political Humor: jokes, cartoons, satire, and other humor about the 2004 presidential candidates and 2008 election.

Political Wire: offers the latest presidential election news as well as links to other political web resources

Popular Mechanics: Geek the Vote 2008: Covers the election with an emphasis on science and technology issues. Includes candidate proposals for issues such as automotive technology, digital privacy, energy, climate change, firearms, and infrastructure. Also includes related election news. From the website for Popular Mechanics magazine.

Watchblog: This multiple-editor blog is broken up into three major political affiliations, each with its own blog: the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Third Party.

Project Vote Smart: provides individual Congressmen and Senators' voting records, information about presidential candidates, directories of state legislator, campaign finance information, and reference documents such as such as the Constitution, the U.S. Government Manual, and How Our Laws are Made.

FactCheck: Evaluates the accuracy of campaign claims. Includes RSS feeds and email updates. From the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Politifact: Features a scorecard checking the truth in the attacks of the candidates. From the St. Petersburg Times and CQ.

TechPresident: Group blog focusing on how political campaigns are using the web.

Wiki the Vote: Congressional elections portal of Congresspedia, the wiki encyclopedia of Congress.

Campaign Finance

FEC Library: Campaign Finance Law Resource: Federal Election Commission site provides various legal documents on campaign finance law.

Huffington Post Fundrace 2008: offers candidates' rankings by GrassRoots index, Devotion index, FactCats Index, campaign finance information, money maps and much more.

Opensecrets.org: The Center for Responsive Politics provides information on campaign funds raised and spent by presidential candidates, lists of donations by state, economic sector, industry and interest, and top contributions.

PACronyms: Federal Election Commission lists acronyms of political action committees.

Presidential Campaign Finance: provides an overview of campaign finance, individual candidates' funding information, and links to other web resources.

Maps & Statistics

Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections: offers the detailed national results for major and minor candidate for U.S. presidential election from 1789 to present. It contains information on candidates, parties, electoral vote total, maps, charts and more.

CNN: covers 2008 presidential election news including polling information.

Election Statistics Research Guide from George Washington University

Primary Colors: Interactive map of state primaries from Newsweek.

Gallup Poll: Election 2008: Gallup organization offers the most recent presidential Gallup polls, special reports on the election and news releases.

Map the Candidates Google Maps mashup of presidential campaign stops from Slate

Pollster Tracks, aggregates, and analyzes polling data from major political polls.

Past Presidential Elections

America Presidency: created by the National Museum of American History, provides links to web sites on the US presidency and presidents, bibliographies, an interactive timeline, hands-on activities, reference resources and more.

Commission of Presidential Debates (CPD): CPD provides transcripts, images and video (real or enactments) of presidential election debates from 1858 to 2004.

Election Statistics: The Clerk of the U.S. House Representatives lists elections results from 1920 to most recent, the official vote counts for presidential electors, U.S. senators, and U.S. Representatives.

Presidential Elections 1860-1912: contains cartoons from Harper's Weekly and other leading journals, Library Congress Collection of American Political Prints; 1860 - 1912.

Living Room Candidate: created by the America Museum of the Moving Images in cooperation with the Political Communication Center, University of Oklahoma, provides a history of presidential campaign commercials 1952-2004. This site is able to view television commercials from the U.S. presidential campaigns of 1952 to 2004.

Presidential Elections and Electoral College: created by the Library of Congress, presents the pages from records of Congressional debates and Congressional action on presidential elections, contested information and electoral votes from 1789 to 1873.

Presidential Elections 1789-2000: The National Atlas of the United States of America features printable maps for presidential elections from 1789-2000

Presidential Job Performance: The Roper Center has compiled presidential job approval ratings from 5 different polls, starting with President Truman. Polling organizations include Gallup, ABC News/Washington Post, CBS News/New York Times, NBC News/Wall Street Journal, and Yankelovich Partners.

POTUS from 1789 - Current: Potus, a project of the Internet Public Library, includes biographies and portraits of the president, the first lady, and the vice-president, highlights of the presidency, election results, list of cabinet officers and sometimes biographical information about cabinet officers, historical documents and more.

U.S. Presidential Election Maps: 1860 -1996: hosted at the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center at University of Virginia, this is a continuing project which will eventually contain national election results for all presidential elections.

The Times Looks Back: Presidential Elections 1896-1996: provides historic articles, editorials, trivia quizzes, facts about the U.S. presidents and more.

Wikipedia US Presidential Election

Electoral College

The Electoral College Vote Calculator

Electoral College System: provides overviews of the electoral college system, the electoral college's pros and cons, and major election laws.

How the Electoral College Works: provides an introduction to the electoral college including the present view on the system and links to other web resources.

Presidential Elections and the Electoral College (The Proceedings of the Electoral Commission of 1877): This Library of Congress project presents the pages from records of Congressional debates on presidential elections, contested presidential elections, electoral colleges from 1789 to 1873.

The Unofficial Homepage of the Electoral College: covers presidential election results from 1789 to present, election laws, polls, electoral college debates, analysis and much more.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA): U.S.Electoral College. NARA provides box scores for electoral college vote starting from 1789. List of states and numbers of votes assigned in electoral college, votes for electoral college in the past two elections and US Constitution and US code relating to presidential election.

CampaignMoney: Allows users to find campaign finance data. Searchable by zip code, individual name or address, and political action committees. Also shows to whom celebrities contribute.

Follow the Money: Shows campaign finance data on a state level by contributor and industry. Also includes data on ballot measures and political parties.

Money Track at Political Base: Features a Google Maps mashup of FEC campaign contribution data. Map is scalable to show cities, neighborhoods, and even individual addresses. Also shows to whom celebrities contribute.

Print Resources

The resources below may all be found in the Social Sciences and Humanities reference stacks. Please see a reference librarian for more information.

America at the polls 2: a handbook of American presidential election statistics, 1968-1984 / compiled and edited by Richard M. Scammon and Alice V. McGillivray

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Atlas of California presidential elections by county, 1932-1996 / Alan William Miller

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Atlas of United States presidential elections, 1932-1996 / Alan William Miller

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Presidential elections, 1789-1996

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The pursuit of the White House: a handbook of presidential election statistics and history / G. Scott Thomam

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Source book of American presidential campaign and election statistics, 1948-1968. Compiled and edited by John H. Runyon, Jennefer Verdini [and] Sally S. Runyon. Foreword by Hubert H. Humphrey

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United States presidential elections, 1788-1860: the official results by county and state / Michael J. Dubin Published Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., c2002 :

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Vital statistics on the presidency: Washington to Clinton / Lyn Ragsdale

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