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A guide to services of the UCSD Library and beyond.

Geisel = Geisel Library Building
BLB = Biomedical Library Building



Accessing library databases/course reserves from off-campus
For assistance, contact ACT Help Desk at 858.534.1853 or acthelp@ucsd.edu

Acronyms and Abbreviations
campus | library

ACMS computer labs (See also PC availability in & near Geisel Library)
account information | lab locations/software | printing 

Add/Drop cards

Adjustable-Height Workstation/Table
Geisel Tunnel Lab (login required)

Alumni (library card)
Eligibility | Library Card

Annex (see also SRLF)
Off-campus library storage facility. Anyone may request an item held at the Annex for delivery to a UCSD library. Library card holders should use the REQUEST feature in Roger. Other users may request from the Annex using the owning library's request form. | Annex Request Form

Birch Aquarium | Gilman Parking Structure | Price Center | RIMAC | Student Center |Thornton Hospital | Torrey Pines Center South

Automobile assistance -- (see Motorist Assistance Program)

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Geisel East 2 Vending Machine |  UCSD Bookstore | Sunshine Market | Goody's Place and Market | Village Place and Market

Books, UC San Diego Faculty Authors

Books on tape
None in the Library; try public libraries

Groundwork | UCSD Bookstore

Borrowing Privileges and Eligibility

Building codes

Building locations

Bulletin board/posting requests
Campus postings: Geisel East 2 | BLB Entrance (see guidelines on the board)
Community events (Geisel West): see Dolores Davies


Scientific - Geisel Library Front Desk

Carillon (bells)

Catalog (Roger)

Imprints@Geisel (for copy cards only) | Bookstore counter | Price Center Game Room | Gilman parking structures


Children's books
Geisel 7, call number range PZ5 - PZ90

Citation Linker
If you already have a journal or book citation, use this to find availability in the Libraries

Class schedules

Classrooms, Library
Events Room (BLB 111)
BLB 114: BLB Laptop & Meeting Room (BLB 114)
BLB 115: BLB Computer Classroom (BLB 115)
Library Classroom 1 (Geisel 274)
Library Classroom 2 (Geisel 276))
Events Room (Geisel East 1)

Collaborative Study Space
Geisel East 2 Learning Comons | Geisel West 2 Learning Commons  | Geisel West 1 | BLB (1st Floor) | details here

Computer access for guests
Internet access for the public is available on some library computers, subject to the library computer use policy.  If you bring your own laptop, you can connect to the UCSD Guest wireless network.

Computer repair
ACMS Trouble Report (http://acms.ucsd.edu/troublereport/)
UCSD Bookstore Computer Repair Service ( http://ucsandiegobookstore.com/c-406-computer-repair.aspx)

Copy cards dispensers, Imprints
BLB (1st Floor) | Geisel (Entrance of West 1, East 2, West 1) | Imprints@Geisel (cash; check; credit card with $5 minimum)

Course catalog
Current edition
1994-current via CollegeSource (available only within library)
1961-current available in Special Collections [LD 781 S2 A424]
1961-last year, available in Geisel West 2 [XF 2438]

Course readers
Alternative to soft reserves: located at 3970 Sorrento Valley Blvd. Suite G | 800.200.3908 or 858.552.1120 | website

Course reserves
Concurrently enrolled Extension students may obtain a password from the Geisel Front Desk to access course reserves

Course webpages

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Data & GIS Lab
Geisel West 2

Directions to Library Buildings

Disabilities, Library Services for Persons with
General information

Dissertations, UCSD
Roger genre search: "dissertations--academic--ucsd--subject"

Donating books to the Library
Information Desk | Gift Policy

Dr. Seuss Collection

DVD-RW drives
All HPs and iMacs in Geisel and BLB (exceptions: Infostations & Dell computers in Geisel West 1 & 2)

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English language instruction books
Roger subject search: "english language textbooks for foreign speakers"

Escort, Campus Safety
Call 534-WALK (9255) for a safety escort from sunset until 1am

Extension students information
Library cards | UCSD Extension | University City Center Learning Facility
Extension students are not eligible for ACMS accounts or off-campus access to databases
Concurrently-enrolled Extension students may obtain a password from the Geisel Front Desk to access course reserves. Computer Lab for Extension students and reduced costs for printing/copying are available at the University City Center Learning Facility

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Faculty Salaries -- see, Salary Books, UC

Fax machine
Imprints window in Geisel East 2 | Imprints at the Price Center (in the Bookstore, near Perks)

Fines, Library

Flash drives, available for check out at Geisel Front Desk

Floor plans
BLB 1st floor | BLB 2nd floor | Geisel Library

Food and drink policy

Foreign language lab/tapes
AP&M, room 3432A

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Geisel building information
Self-guided tour brochure available at Information Desk

Geisel Library building, urban legends

GIS Lab (Geisel West 2) | Social Sciences Building

Government documents
Geisel West 2

Group study rooms

Group viewing rooms
Geisel West 1

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Media Desk (Geisel 1st Floor West)

History of UCSD, see also UCSD, History of

Hole punch
BLB Front Desk | BLB Learning Commons | Geisel Learning Commons (East & West) | Information Desk | Research Assistance Desk | Media Desk

Hours, Library

Hydration Stations
Geisel East 2 | Geisel West 2 | Geisel West 1 | Geisel Floor 6 | Geisel Floor 8

Image Collections

Instruction Calendar (Library classes/workshops)

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Laminating service
Imprints at the Price Center (in the Bookstore, near Perk's)

Laptops for check-out
BLB Front Desk (faculty/staff/medical students/grad students)

Lecture notes

Library, UCSD
Borrowing Privileges and Eligibility
Also: Career Services Center | Cross-Cultural Center | LGBT Resource Center | Women's Center | San Diego area libraries

Library contacts
Administrative contacts
Subject librarians

Library of Congress (LC) call numbers
Classification Outline | How to read LC call numbers

Library statistics

Geisel West 1 (limited to graduate students) | University Centers, various locations (quarterly & annual rental through UCSD Box Office | some commuter lounges

Lost and found
Geisel Front Desk | UCSD Campus Police Department

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Library and campus maps available at the Information Desk and online (or try the new, interactive MapLink 1.0.) The maps collections are located in Geisel West 2

MatLab software
ACMS Computer Labs | BLB Learning Commons

Media Desk
Geisel West 1

Media Viewing Stations
Geisel West 1

Microform readers/printers
Geisel West 2

Molecular model sets
The Library doesn't loan these outs.  UCSD ACSSA lists sales under events. If none listed, contact them.

Motorist Assistance Program

New Books

New Writing Series
Audio tapes and podcasts in Mandeville Special Collections

Notary Public

Off-Campus Access
For assistance, faculty & staff contact ACT Help Desk at 858.534.1853 or acthelp@ucsd.edu
For assistance, students contact ACMS Help Desk at 858.534.2237 or acms-help@ucsd.edu

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Paper cutter
Geisel West 1 | Geisel West 2 (near photocopier)

Parking for visitors

PC Availability in/near the library
No ACMS printing is available in the Library. Library printers: use UCSD account or guest iAccess card.

Pencil sharpener
Geisel Front Desk | Geisel West 1 | Geisel West 2

BLB (all floors) | Geisel Library (all floors) | Imprints at Price Center (Bookstore, near Perk's) | Campus Services Center (Imprints at Geisel does only departmental copy work using an index number)

Photocopiers, color
BLB | Imprints at Price Center (Bookstore, near Perk's) | Campus Services Center (Imprints at Geisel does only departmental copy work using an index number)

Photocopiers, large format
Imprints at the Campus Services Center

Popular Reading

Popular Science Collection

Postal services

Presentation Practice Room

Library printers: use UCSD account or guest iAccess card Geisel locations: West 1 | West 2 | East 2 | more information here

Printing, Color
BLB | Tunnel Computer Lab (Geisel 1) | Geisel West 2

Printing, Laptop

Proctoring service
UCSD Extension  Butch Parreno or Debbie McAuliffe (404 Camino Del Rio South, Ste 102), 619.260.3069, unex-proctor@ucsd.edu

Proxy server instructions
See "Accessing library databases/course reserves from off-campus"

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(form only accepts UCSD email address)


Reference/research assistance

Restaurants on campus
Dining Services | University Centers

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Salary books, UC
Official title is "UC Compensation Report" (online 2010-current) | Also availalbe online via the Sacramento Bee database (catalog) | For further information on faculty salaries, please contact Kelly Maheu, Academic Affairs.

SAS Statistical Software
ACMS computer labs | Data & GIS Lab (only Datacruncher (ask for login info at RAD))

Geisel West 1 (large format) | BLB | Geisel East 2 | some ACMS labs | Imprints in Geisel Library (color scanning to USB: users can provide their own USB or can purchase a 4GB USB from Imprints)

Seuss Collection

Seuss Room
Meeting room located in alcove east of Mandeville Special Collections & Archives in Geisel 2 (main floor)

Shuttle and bus services

SIO Archive (By appointment spcoll@ucsd.edu)

Slide collection -- see Image Collections

Soft reserves

Sorority/fraternity sign-in book
Research Assistance Desk (Geisel West 2) (top of reference collection shelving)

Special Collections (UCSD) Request System

SPSS Statistical Software
ACMS computer labs (Sequoia 142 & ERC 117)| Data & GIS Lab

Off-campus storage facility for UC libraries (Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara). Items may be requested for delivery by any current UC student/staff/faculty (use Melvyl)

BLB Front Desk | BLB Learning Commons Desk | Geisel Learning Commons Desk | Information Desk | Research Assistance Desk | Media Desk

Stapler, Heavy Duty (for 20+ pages)
BLB Front Desk | Information Desk | Media Desk

Stata/SE Statistical Software
ACMS computer labs  (Sequoia 142 & ERC 117) | Data & GIS Lab

Stuart Collection
Guide available at Information Desk and online

Student employment opportunities in Library
Postings listed in Student Personnel Office window (Geisel East 2) | View & apply online through Student Job Resources (Port Triton)

Study areas
Quiet Study: Geisel 4th-8th floors | BLB 2nd floor
Additional Library Study Space | Commuter Lounges | Commuter Concourse | University Centers Lounges | Campus Study Locations

Suggestions for Library
drop box between Information Desk and Research Assistance Desk (Geisel West 2) | Online Suggestion form

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BLB Front Desk | BLB Learning Commons Desk | Geisel Learning Commons Desk | Information Desk | Research Assistance Desk | Media Desk

Telephone, campus
In Geisel: Purple hall between Information Desk and Mandeville Special Collections & Archives | hall near Imprints on Geisel East 2 | Tunnel Computer Lab

Telephone, public
Outside entrance to Geisel Library | Other Campus locations

Academic Success Program | Groundwork | Library Course Reserves | UCSD Bookstore (Rent Textbooks)
Other sources include campusbookswap.org, Facebook Marketplace and online retailers such as Amazon

Tours, Campus
Prospective Students| Visitors/General Public

Tours, Geisel Library

Tutoring service

None on campus (try Kinko's or public libraries)

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UCSD, History of

UCSD Guardian (UCSD newspaper)
Guardian website (2000- ) | Microfilm (1967- ) (Geisel West 2)

UCSD Student Newspapers (part of our digital collections)

Unisex Restrooms
2 single-occupancy restrooms located on Geisel 8 near water fountains, not ADA compliant.

University Readers, see Course Readers

USB ports
All Library computers | ACMS lab

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Vending machines
Price Center, beverages only | UCSD Dining Services Late Night Dining options (until 1am)

Vending machines (school supplies)
Located in Geisel East hallway (near reserve look up stations), accepts only Triton Cash, no cash/credit cards
Report problems to asservices@ucsd.edu and asessentials@ucsd.edu

Visitor information
Library services | Parking| Visitor Guide

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Water fountains
Near each restroom | Hydration Station (water bottle filler) in Geisel East 2

Wheelchair-Accessible Workstations
near copiers behind Info Desk | Geisel Tunnel Lab (login required; adjustable height) | near Media Desk

All group study rooms.  Markers/erasers available for checkout at each building's Front Desk

Whiteboards, Roving (mobile)
Geisel East 1 & 2 and West 1 & 2

Wireless access
Throughout the Library buildings | Network status | Wireless FAQ
UCSD Protected-- Encrypted wireless network for UCSD students, faculty and staff
UCSD Guest-- Wireless access for guests (no access to library online resources)

Workshops, Library

Writing Centers
UCSD | College-based resources

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