End of On-campus Intra-Library Paging & Delivery Service Cancelled

Earlier this year, the Libraries made the difficult decision to discontinue its main campus intra-library book/journal paging and delivery service, Roger Catalog Request, effective Sept. 17. This decision, like other recent cuts in service, was precipitated by cuts to the Libraries’ budget. Because of their remote locations, this service will continue back-and-forth between the main campus libraries and off-campus/remote facilities (the Medical Center Library, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library and the Libraries' Storage Annex). Other services such as the ability to recall checked-out items, to rush order materials, Circuit, and Interlibrary Loan (including Melvyl Request) remain unchanged.

Before we made the decision to end this service, we consulted with several campus groups, including the Academic Senate Representative Assembly, the Academic Senate Committee on the Library, and the Campus Budget Committee. While each group recognized that elimination of services like this would create hardships for the campus community, they also recognized that the Libraries’ budget situation forces us to make service cuts that we would otherwise not make. Our reduced budget and staffing levels require that we reduce or eliminate some services in order to retain others.

For more information about budget cuts and how they are impacting the UCSD Libraries’ services and resources go to: http://libraries.ucsd.edu/budgetcutsFAQ/index.html

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