Agreement with National Assembly Library of Korea to Provide UC San Diego Researchers with Direct Online Access to its Digital Database

The UC San Diego Libraries and the National Assembly Library of Korea (NAL) have signed an agreement that provides UC San Diego researchers with direct online access to approximately 2.8 million items, or 140 million pages, of full-text e-resources. Online access to the NAL’s 5 million bibliographic entries, abstracts, and indexes is open to the public, but access to its digital database is restricted only to the libraries that have established mutual cooperation agreements with the NAL.

According to UC San Diego Associate University Librarian Martha Hruska, the agreement with Korea’s National Assembly Library will result in a very valuable resource for faculty, students, and scholars who focus on Asia. The NAL digital library is only available at the Library of Congress and a handful of U.S. academic libraries; UC San Diego is the few UC campuses to make the resource available to its library users.

Jong-Sung You, an assistant professor at UC San Diego’s School of International Relations & Pacific Studies, and the co-director of the school’s Korea Pacific Program, played an instrumental role in making the agreement happen.

"I first contacted the NAL staff four years ago to discuss the possibility of the UC San Diego Libraries having access to the NAL's digital database, which is invaluable for anyone who does research on Korea," said You. "I am very happy that my dream has been realized. This arrangement with the NAL will benefit not only Korean studies faculty at the university but many students of Korea in the San Diego area as well."

The Korean language database, which will complement the university's extensive Asian Studies collection, much of which has been digitized, includes a wide range of monographs, journals, master and doctorate theses, and reference data, as well as abolished newspapers and other unique Korea-related materials. The agreement comes with five exclusive accounts; access to the database will be provided to Korean studies faculty, the School of International Relations & Pacific Studies, and at Geisel Library.

The NAL's collections are made up primarily of resources in the humanities and social sciences, as well as parliamentary materials and government publications of foreign nations. As a legal depository library, the library holds materials and publications from many international organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union.

The agreement was formalized at a ceremony recently at Geisel Library, with signatories Martha Hruska and Jae Il Yoo, NAL's chief librarian, and representatives of NAL and UC San Diego in attendance.

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