Holocaust Living History Workshop: "Journeys, Memories, Echoes"

During winter 2014, the Holocaust Living History Workshop (HLHW), sponsored by the UC San Diego Library and the Judaic Studies Program, will continue its year-long lecture series entitled “Journeys, Memories, Echoes.” The series is part of HLHW’s effort to broaden understanding of the past and to foster tolerance. Interested members of the public and campus community are invited to attend the events and hear local Holocaust survivors, witnesses, relatives, and scholars share their stories. Participants can also learn about the Visual History Archive, the world’s largest database of Holocaust testimony. All sessions, free and open to the public, will be held in Geisel Library’s Seuss Room, from 5 to 7 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Feb. 19/ Back to Dudelsheim: Conquering the Fatherland

The February event features Larry Greenbaum, a native of Dudelsheim, Hesse-Darmstadt. Greenbaum was one of only four Jews to emigrate to the United States after Kristallnacht, the pogrom that marked the beginning of the end for Germany’s Jews. Back to Dudelsheim: Conquering the Fatherland is the story of an escape and a return. Seven years after emigration, Greenbaum came back to Germany, this time as a member of the invading Allied forces. The Allied advance brought him once again to Dudelsheim, his old home town. At this talk, Greenbaum shares his memories of growing up Jewish in Nazi Germany, his experience as a refugee in the United States, and his memorable return to his own home. He will be interviewed by Anne-Clara Schenderlein, a doctoral candidate in modern German history, with an emphasis on Jewish emigration.

March 12/ Survival and Death: What Made you Know the Nazis Would Kill you

It took the violence of Kristallnacht, the Nazis’ one major pogrom in November 1938, to convince the Greenbaums that they were no longer safe. Not everyone was able to read the writing on the wall. On March 12, UC San Diego Professor Peter Gourevitch will give a talk titled Survival and Death: What Made you Know the Nazis Would Kill you. In his talk, Gourevitch explores the dynamics of “lessons to be learned” from the Holocaust. Drawing on the experiences of his grandmother, who fled and survived in the United States, and an uncle who stayed and died in Auschwitz, Gourevitch discusses the information that made some perceive the danger while others chose to ignore it. A professor of political science at UC San Diego and the founding dean of the School of International Relations, Gourevitch emphasizes the role political activism played in alerting some individuals to the impending threat from the destruction of democracy.

To find out more about UC San Diego's Holocaust Living History Workshop, contact the program coordinator at hlhw@ucsd.edu or go to: http://libraries.ucsd.edu/hlhw. Training in the use of the Visual History Archive is available for individuals and groups upon appointment.

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