An Introduction

This electronic resource was created by Karen Lindvall-Larson, retired Latin American Studies Librarian at UCSD.  It consists of a series of volumes on selected Latin American countries that provide chronologies of elections since independence at the municipal, state, and federal levels and list sources of statistics for each election as identified. The statistics themselves are not reproduced here except occasionally for national-level results of presidential elections, seats won in congressional elections, or numbers of municipalities won by specific parties. No attempt was made to evaluate the accuracy of the statistics, and multiple sources are listed as available to provide for comparison. The focus is on identifying sources of electoral statistics. Also included is information on events affecting election outcomes; on the emergence and development of political parties; on electoral code changes; and on the roles of women, indigenous populations, and religious organizations in each country's electoral politics.

Each volume includes general information covering more than one election; a chronology from that country's date of independence to the present with elections, events, and sources of statistics; a list of related acronyms; and a bibliography of sources referred to in the chronology. Additional sections may be added depending on the complexity of organizing information on the elections for that country. A separate glossary provides English definitions of Spanish terms used in relation to elections.

Latin American Election Statistics is based on the extensive collection on Latin American elections at the UC San Diego Library. Most of this material is readily available through interlibrary loan. She began the formal gathering of information in September 1998; an updated volume on El Salvador was added in July 2011. It is not currently being updated.